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Science Tutoring

A tailored Science program designed with the individual student in mind

From the ABC’s to the HSC, our one-on-one science tuition builds upon the student’s learning and expands their knowledge on a range of subjects. Including:


With endless pages of research and theories, Biology can be tough. Without the time or understanding, often students find it difficult to comprehend.

To combat these limits, GSPT places emphasis on identifying the core fundamentals and reinforcing that knowledge.


With 118 elements on the periodic table, Chemistry requires dedication to learning.

Which is why our tutors are dedicated to ensuring students focus on the foundations of each topic and implement effective strategies to reinforce understanding.


It is no doubt that Physics can be tricky. In combining Maths with Science, students are presented with the ultimate test of their critical thinking.

Devising strategies with their tutor to not only combat the content, but study in a more effective way, gives the student the boost of confidence and boost in results they need.

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Science is vital to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in order to equip you to logically approach tasks and have an opinion on the scientific discoveries and controversies in the world around us.

Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors match the best Science tutors to the students learning requirements and create a supportive, healthy education environment.

Our Science tutors work with a variety of students, those are looking to improve their marks as well as students with the a desire to perform above their current level.

Whether its dissecting a frog or testing the trajectory of a ball, every student can benefit from a little Science Tutoring.

What Our Clients Think

We could tell you that we have over 10 years experience, 170,000 hours of tuition delivered and 87% increase in student confidence. But we’re a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. Which is why we’ll let some of our previous clients do the talking.

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Immersing students further into the wonder and world of science will create curious, motivated, and engaged Science students. Our in-home or online tuition makes the one-on-one tutoring experience both easy and flexible…now that’s a scientific fact!

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