Tuition in our learning centres can be one-on-one or small groups upon request and is a great avenue for effective learning. Outlined below are some of the advantages offered to students who choose in-centre tuition.

  • Assessments

    Students can often struggle with school work simply because they have missed fundamental learning at some stage in their academic life. It is essential to pinpoint these weaknesses in order to improve. Therefore, we offer Mathematics and English assessments in our centres for students in prep through to year 10. The assessment is conducted in the first session and a detailed written report is provided outlining strengths, weaknesses and targets for improvement. Through this, our tuition is targeted directly to the needs of students.

  • Resources


    Learning doesn’t need to be boring! While we recognise the value in repetition in order to master working with numbers and spelling, it is vital to engage your child’s interest in understanding concepts. To this end, our games and hands-on resources will assist to develop both mathematical thinking and an appreciation of language conventions, while promoting a solid foundation for later years.

    Secondary and Tertiary

    With the high level required for assignments and exams, extra resources are a must for secondary and tertiary students. We have a range of text books from general science to specific referencing to ensure that, combined with your online research, you are well placed to excel. In addition, for exam preparation our books have practice questions to allow exposure to problem solving work that is often unseen before testing.

  • Custom designed rooms

    In our learning centres we have custom designed rooms to ensure effective study. A quiet, air conditioned and comfortable environment is a great start to studying, not just for the student, but also the tutor. Everyone works better in a well-lit, climate controlled space designed for study. Each room has a large study desk with space to spread out, internet and power connections, a whiteboard and comfortable, ergonomic chairs.

  • No distractions

    A major challenge to effective study is distraction. It has been found that students working in their own environment tend to become side tracked by both background noises (siblings, a TV in another room, someone in the kitchen) and their surroundings (toys, posters, books). A common example is when a student hears or sees something that prompts them to tell a story about an event, which consumes study time and changes the focus. By studying in a quiet, blank area the student can solely focus on the task at hand and effectively take in the information with the tutor.

  • Preparation is required

    It has been recognised that students undertaking out of home tuition are more prepared than those who have tuition in-home. This is simply because the student must consider what is required for the session and take these materials with them. Often, for in-home tuition, the tutor is met with the whole school bag full of books that the student sorts through while deciding what should be worked on that session. By leaving the home, the student must take the time to contemplate what they need to achieve in the session and generally this leads to more effective tuition.

  • Tutor choice and timeslots

    Although at Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors we screen our tutors to ensure they are not only smart but also have the personality to develop a rapport with the student, there are instances where the best tutor for the student is not within a reasonable travel distance or available at the right time. Through our learning centres we are able to overcome this issue in most instances by providing a meeting point for tuition and employing our most popular tutors in the centres.

  • Additional programs

    The benefit of personalised tuition is well recognised, and the weekly support of a tutor enables problem areas to be weeded out and long term goals to be established and achieved. However, there are always areas that need more intensive help, and to combat this we offer weekend and holiday programs at our learning centres. A prime example is the ability to problem solve. This skill is most prominent in math, but appears in every subject area and of course in the real world. By targeting an area such as this, an overall improvement can be made. Programs are also offered in the sciences (general and specific) and humanities.

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