Looking out for motivation

It can’t always be shiny and rainbows. The same thing can be said for motivation. Sometimes it’s just always not going to be there, and that is very much okay. The days where the motivation is lacking, the sleep in is calling and the effort to move is low, come around every once in a […]

It’s time to scram the cram

Cramming is put into the same basket as all-nighters. It’s just a no-no. They both have common denominators here (maths pun…get it!). Now, I’m confident that if your child is cramming, they’ve also been a victim of procrastination. They’re trying to cram all the information they can in a limited amount of time all in […]

Nervous about an exam?

We all know exams create a stressful anxious time for students. But how can we help children deal with this? Their heartbeat races, they feel like they can’t catch their breath and they get a little case of the shivers. These signs, whilst nothing to fret more about, may be indicative that a student suffers […]

Make sure your kids know about money

We live in a world where it is unable to function within society without having and handling money. So, on that note, does your child have a good sense of financial literacy? Having an awareness of the value of money and its concepts and risks allows people to make informed decisions. And making informed decisions, […]

School goals for 2022

Setting goals at the start of the school year will help set the tone for students academically. It helps keep students accountable during the year too. If they start to slack off or lose focus, reminding them of the goals they set out themselves might set them straight. Now let’s remember, these goals don’t always […]

Preparing to go back to school

I can only imagine the moans and sighs of disappointment that can be seen when the idea of going back to school comes around. They have weeks off and yet it still doesn’t seem like enough time to want to go back, for most children at least. Be happy if you’ve got one of the […]

Summer activities for everyone!

With school done for the year, the school holidays offer the whole family a chance to have some fun together. The benefit of the summer holidays often means nice weather, so if you’re close to the beach that’s always a great option. But for those that maybe don’t have the option to escape in the […]

Feeling lonely during the holidays?

It’s okay to feel lonely during the holidays. It’s a normal time to feel like a bit of an outsider if you’re away from home or family. Whilst it’s normal, it can be a tricky time to navigate. Even more so when you add social media into the mix and possibly see your friends with […]

Reducing that sugar intake during the holidays

The school holidays especially being long and filled with family and holiday gatherings create a cheeky way for children to consume much more sugar than needed. It’s hard to keep track of their sugar intake but it’s also hard to deny because well Santa. Am I right? Now whilst it’s all well and good to […]

Life skills to teach your children

Making sure children are self-sufficient is important for their progression into adulthood. Getting in some basic life skills while they’re still young can help in the long run. Things like independence and confidence can help children perform at their best, both in and out of the school environment. These basic life skills can help aid […]

Advice for students heading into exams

As we approach the end of the year, senior students start to get ready for their final exams. This can be a stressful time for all involved, but especially the students. Despite the little time left, there are still some things students can do to give their confidence and grades a little boost to the […]

Team sports are good for the soul

For Australians, Saturday sport is a common part of most family’s weekly routines. Younger children often get involved in soccer or netball and enjoy having fun with their teammates. But, when the children get older, friends and other social activities take priority. Whilst parties might sound more ideal as a teenager, dropping out of Saturday […]

Reading struggles are normal

Learning to read or having ongoing reading issues is a common and normal part of learning. Whilst it’s normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, it is important to seek help to ensure they don’t fall behind. Reading is the foundation for a lot of things both within in learning and in life. Getting in […]

Navigating the pressures of social media

It’s no secret that social media is now a function of everyday life. Amongst young people, this statement is heightened. To keep in touch with friends and the ‘in crowd’, it’s an expectation that young people be present on a multitude of platforms. Having an online profile helps to create a sense of belonging amongst […]

A student check list to choosing the right university…

Choosing the place to spend your tertiary education is no easy decision. For some it could mean moving interstate, living out of home and beginning a new stage in their learning and life. Deciding which university to attend can also be made harder when students aren’t sure what they want to do or can’t decide […]

How to nail that essay

As a student, there’s no way to avoid an essay. Its part and parcel of almost every subject students will encounter during their studies. But as common as they are, teaching the foundations of essay writing and how to write a good essay is often skipped over. Students need to be able to plan and […]

Study tips…that actually work!

Some of us opt for re-reading, others opt for the ole’ highlighter and notes and others opt for none at all. These study techniques whilst seemingly may sound effective, here’s a secret, they’re really not as effective as you think. Shock horror! Why are they not effective you ask? Well, let me tell you. At […]

Self-Care is the new A-Plus

I am always an advocate for a hard-earned face-mask-chocolate-in-the-bathtub kind of night. And now the experts are telling us that it’s good for academic success, I think hell yes! Often as a student, you can get stuck up in the study and the books, but do you think they consider their health? Or their wellness? […]

Why we think one-on-one is for your child!

If your student is struggling at school, there are options to help make that struggle a little easier. One of those options is tutoring, but specifically one-on-one tutoring. Scratching your head because you’re not sure what one-on-one entails exactly? Well, one-on-one tutoring is pretty much in the name one, being a tutor is with the […]

How to know when you’re child isn’t keeping up in the classroom

When you’re student is struggling with their learning, it might not exactly be that apparent. Maybe your student isn’t all that fond of talking about what’s bothering them or articulating what they’re struggling with. We all know one way to tell if a student is struggling is what comes back in their report card. But […]

How to bring your child back up when they’re down

Handing in an assignment that you’re proud of and the feeling that comes with that achievement can very quickly change when the results come back. Perhaps your child got a great result back but maybe, just maybe, they didn’t get what they wanted or what they think they deserved. They might lose confidence in their […]

Why is my child struggling with 2 + 2?

Not everyone is going to work well with numbers. Some work better with words. Everyone is different in how they learn. So, struggling with maths is something that isn’t uncommon or something that should be judged about. As I said, we all know that everyone learns differently, at different paces and with different levels of […]

How’s your Student’s Sleep Schedule?

We all know the sacrifices students make in the pursuit of their schoolwork. At the top of the list is sleep. Students dedicate their time to their assignments, homework or exam prep and forget about one of the factors that allow them to focus and perform at their best, sleep. We see it all the […]

Should I get my Student Help?

Unless you’re in the classroom with your student each day, it can be tricky to determine whether they are struggling or not. Even more so, it can be hard to pick whether or not they are struggling more than the other students or if their struggle is part of the challenge. Perhaps there’s the added […]

Why you and your Child Should Read Together

It’s understandable that in between work, getting the family organised or other commitments, time spent just with your student can be few and far between. It can be hard to prioritise time amongst all the other requirements, but if you find the time, seize it. The ultimate gift and use of your time can be […]

Teaching Students to Stand Up for Themselves

In any environment students find themselves in, there’s a need for students to feel valued and accepted. In the case where they feel underappreciated or unheard, its important they know that one, that’s not okay and two, they have the right to advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy involves the idea that any individual has the ability […]

JUST IN: Student’s don’t Benefit from Pulling an All-nighter

If that title came as a shock to you, then you must be a student reading this. If you’re anyone else, you already knew. All-nighters can’t be good for you. They might sound fun at a fifth-grade sleepover, but the night before an exam? Really? Our answer, surely not. If you’re unsure of the term […]

How to Balance Work-Work and Schoolwork

As students get into their senior levels of high school and then again in their tertiary years of study, other commitments fight for priority. Some of those commitments include family or friend gatherings, sport or extracurricular activities or a possible part-time job. It’s not uncommon for students to have a part-time job on the side […]

Twas’ the night before an exam

The night before an exam can be a stressful time. The anticipation of what the next day brings can often cloud judgements. It can increase stress amongst students. This stress can then lead to unusual behaviour that is guaranteed to be unhelpful for the exam the next day. Things like cramming, pulling all-nighters and skipping […]

‘Great Job’ goes a Long Way…

We’re always trying to motivate students. We’re trying to get them to persevere or to just finish the homework. I’m sure as parents and educators, we think we’ve tried all the tricks to get the motivation flowing. But perhaps there’s something small, yet impactful that we might have missed in the process. Now what I’m […]

Change is Good, but when’s the Right Time?

A little bit of tweaking here and there can sometimes break it completely or put it all back together again. Perhaps the tweak that you and your student need is a change. A change of scenery, a change in routine and a change in schools. It might be that you’ve noticed your student feeling less […]

What Tuition is Right for Me? Online? In-Home? Centre?

Like anything, everything is different for everybody. So, when it comes to tuition, some methods and deliveries might be right for some but not for others. It’s important to consider what might work for your student and what you know will not, because in amongst that you’ll find your answer. Whether the answer is online, […]

What a clean, organised workspace can do…

Now more than ever, hygiene and cleanliness are treated with more respect. Now regardless of whether or not the-shall-not-be-named-you-know-what can be regarded as the cause for this, we’re thankful. Going into the new year and the new school year means a whole new opportunity for organisation and cleanliness. Now whilst it would be nice, to […]

Making Friends at School

Making friends can be a daunting activity. It’s especially daunting for new students or students just starting out at school. But for some people, making friends is easy. They might be confident and a bit of an extravert, making it easier for them to include themselves in a conversation. However, for our shyer or introverted […]

From Tutor to Parent

It can often be hard to communicate with teachers and tutors. In between the busy-ness of life, interaction with teachers can deteriorate. But keeping up with your students learning both via communication with their teacher and tutor is important to stay a valid member of their support network. But to help out, we’ve combined a […]

Creativity: Why It’s Important and Why It’s Important to Foster it

Some say you’re either one or the other. You either approach problems and situations with a creative or logical approach. Whilst I’m sure we can see the importance of being logical and why it’s important to nurture it. But what about creativity? It’s the foundation for a lot of students and where they find passion […]

Why we Should Evaluate Students without Grades Too

There’s nothing like a slap to the face when students are handed a grade they didn’t expect or wasn’t what they had hoped for. It can be disheartening. A simple letter or symbol next to it has the power to alter moods and confidence. So, if both validation and satisfaction rely on a certain letter […]

Choosing the Right Essay Topic for Tertiary Admissions

Moving on to the next phase for some students involves progressing from secondary to tertiary education. It’s an exciting step but a big one at that. Students will find that they are now responsible for due dates and motivation to get it all done. But before they get to that step, let’s help them get […]

When is it Time to Step in?

School is a time. You’ve got the wonders of education alongside the trials and tribulations of growing up. Students whether they say it or not, are dealing with a lot. And for that, we’ll cut them some slack. Maybe…But what it is important to look out for is low self-esteem. There are little signs and […]

Why Cooking is Great for the Mind

Creating and making up recipes in the kitchen will always be fun. Losing some flour on the floor or eating half the mixture before its made is part and parcel of putting the apron on. Students can go through phases of taking over in the kitchen, really embracing the responsibility and role the chef’s hat […]

How to Make for a Super-productive Student

Are your students struggling to get anything done? Do you often find yourself having to encourage your student to get their homework finished or start that assignment they’ve been putting off all weekend? It sounds like you’ve got a bit of an unproductive student on your hands. Motivation and perseverance comes about a little sparingly […]

Is This the Right School for My Student?

Education is of the utmost importance. It lays the foundation for reading and writing, which are essential to functioning in any society, culture and workforce. So where should you send your student to school to get this education? Should it be private or public? Would you like it to be religious or not? Perhaps you […]

I’m going to be a senior…but what subjects do I pick?

Becoming a senior is exciting. Your students are rearing the end of their school education and moving into the big leagues of learning. But, first things first, they have to pick their subjects. Now we know they have to do English and Maths, but which ones? General? Methods? Specialist? It can be a bit confusing […]

All Neat and Tidy

If you’ve ever walked into your student’s room and thought a bomb has gone off from the clothes flung on the floor, the paper showering the ground or the fact that you can’t see what colour the carpet is anymore, it’s probably time for an intervention. Students can’t work or function in this state, it’s […]

Why you shouldn’t hire the tutor next door…

Having a tutor next door sounds convenient, right? Your student can pop on over and walk right on back. Sure, you might have known them since they were young and learning to ride their bike in the street, but does that really mean they have your student’s best interest at heart? Getting your student a […]

Healthy Habits all Students Should Adopt

There are always things we can do better. We all try every year with news resolutions. Whether it’s yoga every day or trying to save up for a new car. We all try to instill new habits that we hope will pay off by the time the next fireworks come around. So before the year […]

Why You Should Encourage Critical Thinking

The current landscape of the world involves inexhaustible accessibility to information. The giant that rules and ends all arguments that is Google, is the tyrant of all things pondered. Curious minds alike have the ability and opportunity to scroll the internet for information and opinions on a myriad of topics. This endless search and access […]

How to Ace that Personal Essay

The time may come to write a personal submission or essay. It could be soon or it could be a little while off. But it could be for a scholarship, for university entrance or any additional tertiary education applications AKA, important. There are questions and starting points that may throw you off or create trouble […]

Podcasts: Approve or Disapprove?

Are you up to date with the world’s latest technical advancements? If you answered yes, then you have probably heard of a thing called a podcast. If you answered no, you’re probably confused and have no idea what we’re all talking about. Well for those of us who are confused, a podcast is an audio […]

Music and Studying, is it a Match?

‘Huh?’ ‘What?’ your student says with an earful of music. With big headphones or fancy air pods, every student attempts to block out the outside world with the bass or guitar of their playlist. As soon as the books come out, so do the earphones. So, it’s no secret that with all the music festivals, […]

The Benefits of Audio Books

There’s something about flicking through the pages of a book, smelling the fragrance of well-worn pages and turning the page with suspense. Cue audiobooks. Now for some, the thought of an audiobook is perplexing. It’s taking away those very things we all love about a good hardcover novel pressing into our hands. But with advances […]

So You’ve Pulled a Sickie … Now what?

The cough, the increased sniffles and the extra sighs are all part of the act. The look of horror that comes with the thought of going to school is just to seal the deal. As soon as you’re not looking, the sniffles go away, the cough becomes a lot less regular and the sighs turn […]

Before Tomorrow Comes

After a big day of learning, it’s easy to slump into the couch with your favourite pack of shapes. At that moment, when the crumbs are falling all over your uniform and the TV in all its square-edged glory looks enticing, dust off the crumbs and restrain from clutching at the remote. It’s easy to […]

Getting the most out of study

Is your student struggling to retain the information they spend hours in their room studying for? Or are they still needing that push of motivation to pick up a pen? Whilst not the best task in the world for some students, it is kind of an important one to apply themselves as a student. So, […]

STEM – why should my student participate?

I think we can all agree that technology is the way of the future. There are new devices, ways of interacting and new platforms that are increasingly sorting our lifestyles. So then if it’s the way of the future, shouldn’t it be something students should be interested in? Perhaps it may be a possible pathway […]

Getting to know OCD

It might be a trivial idea at first. You think that people with OCD have to constantly clean things or that a space must be rid of every speck and spot. But the truth is, it’s a disorder. It’s a disorder that affects 1 in every 100 children and ultimately inhibits the way they go […]

Do you know what a ‘Learning Gap’ is?

Ever heard of a Learning Gap? Is your student or someone you know falling behind in class? Then maybe you have. A learning gap could be the reason that the student you know is struggling in class, trying to grasp certain concepts and content. Sometimes it slips over students’ heads or sometimes they just don’t […]

Struggling for a career? Ever thought of these?

There are always new ideas popping up all over the place. New inventions, new ideas for businesses and new ways of going about in the workplace. With all the newness going on, students might get confused and forget what opportunities and potentials lie in the face of this newness. So, to make sure their judgements […]

How to increase your student’s interpersonal skills

Communication is a solid foundation for any learning student. It’s a founding skill that students must acquire in order to function in society and the future, both in the workforce and the classroom. The classroom environment is a great building block to establish the appropriate skills to be able to communicate and understand social cues […]

Technology, is it taking over your child?

Are you worried your child is spending too much time on their iPad, phone, laptop or the list of other devices that control our lives today? Are they dependent on the little blue light monsters? It’s never a bad idea to take a break. Refresh from a life of tapping on a screen and unplug. […]

Year 10 to Year 11: Ready, Set, Go.

It’s go time. This is what your students have been training for. The countless hours of study, the excessive stationery hauls and the occasional stress-manic meltdown have led to now – Year 11. It’s the year that lays the groundwork for the big year that’s yet to come. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, […]

Year 9 to Year 10: Reaching the Halfway Point

There are 30 minutes left on the clock; students have reached their halfway point. So now that students have reached half time, it’s time to crack out the oranges, or in this case, the bigger books and focus on the final half. As a coach, it’s time to pull out the motivational efforts and words […]

Year 8 to Year 9: Getting into the Swing of Things

We may have said it before, but students should well and truly have a handle on this whole high school thing by now. With two years on the belt, students should understand the expectations both as a student and academic wise. They say that Year 9 can sometimes be the worst of them all. Changes […]

Year 7 to Year 8: One Down, Five to Go

Put a tally on the board because one year of high school is done and dusted. I’m sure there was the required number of tears and tantrums. Nevertheless, the joy that is navigating the first year of high school for you as parents and your student is over (cue small dance party). Now comes the […]

From Year 6 to Year 7: Welcome to High School

Long live the days of one teacher, one classroom and the one class of peers. That was primary school. But now your students are moving up in the world. They’re getting ready to embrace a new school uniform, possibly a new campus and a new way of learning. But with that comes the transition from […]

My Child Hates School… What Now?

It’s normal for kids to grunt and moan when they dislike things. But when it comes to disliking school, it’s nothing to joke about. We all know some students are more studious or more willing to walk out the door than others, but it’s important to look out for the signs that maybe something more […]

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

I’m sure we can all admit we’ve felt small or nervous when seeking help. It’s the fear of seeming weak for not knowing how to approach a situation or being unaware of the answer. We don’t want to project a perception that we are needy by seeking clarification or admitting we don’t understand. But it’s […]

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

As a child, asking Mr Wolf the time was often a suspenseful yet exhilarating feeling knowing you had to run to the finish line. Yet, combine it with the tasks of student life, running to the finish line or asking how much time is left doesn’t have the same nostalgic feel. Instead, there’s the late-night […]

The 6 Virtues Only School Can Teach you

School. Students either love it or they hate it. Regardless of whether your student is slumping or skipping into school, there is no doubt that it’s teaching them. For 6 hours a day, 40 + weeks of the year, students can be found inside the classroom being educated and advancing on their learning journey. So, […]

The Need for New Study Habits for Senior School In QLD

With a new system on the horizon, students should begin implementing new study habits to help with the change sooner rather than later. Encouraging study and a new routine to approach the new assessments ahead will further their learning and confidence. As a foundation to study, the environment and surroundings impact upon the value of […]

The Pen vs Keyboard

As technology slowly creeps into every facet of our daily lives, with it goes the traditional and conventional ways of society. Texting and social media bring about a new era for communication, leaving handwritten letters and notepads out to dry. With predictive text and spell check, typing on a smartphone or computer brings about both […]

The Spellchecker

This blog is a very courageous undertaking on my behalf because, while you may dismiss my opinions as those of a raving nutcase, my attack on the ability to, or not to spell opens the door on my own vulnerability. As I wander around shopping centres, I am constantly bombarded with creative spelling innovations, so […]

How to Assist Students with Dyslexia

Learning, in general, can sometimes be difficult. But for some students, learning is always difficult. These students deal with dyslexia. It’s common, meaning there might be one in the classroom or even in your household. Either way, dyslexia is nothing to fear or be ashamed of; it’s just a simple bump in the road, that […]

Confidence is key

Acting confident and trusting your instincts is a key in life that won’t go astray. For students, it just might be the biggest key of all. Standing in front of classmates, confident and sure of their impending oral presentation will fool them all. Their palms may be sweaty, and their knees may be shaking, but […]

How to Write an Essay

Now I love an essay, but I’m sure some of you reading this have stronger opinions for the other camp. Essays are a vital task in many humanities subjects. We have to remember that not everyone is a writer, just like not everyone is a mathematician. So, to help those who are not and maybe […]

4 P’s to Look for in a Tutor

We all know that everyone learns differently. Some students thrive sitting in front of a whiteboard, while others struggle. The dynamics of school and the classroom can often bring obstacles for these students who do not succeed so easily in their academic endeavours. BUT…whether students strive or struggle, seeking further help will always benefit students. […]

Our 7 Step Guide to Goal Setting

As humans, there’s always more. Something we wish for, something we want and something we can strive for. These ‘somethings’ we wish, want and strive for can de deemed as goals. Among students, the goals may differ, but the end result still rings true for each; some form of success or achievement. To claim this […]

How to Refocus

As we all emerge from the confines of our houses, we begin to return to our normal lives. For students, returning to normal life now means meeting Term 3. In approaching the tail end of the year, it’s important for students to refocus and set goals for their learning. To help ease students out of […]

Simple Activities for Kids that are Secretly Educational

They say that every day you learn something new. Now the good news with that is it doesn’t always have to be in a classroom. It’s outside of the classroom that simple everyday activities can be implemented to further student’s learning. And even better, they won’t even know they’re doing it! One of the simplest […]

I failed – What do I do now?

Anxiously awaiting the grade from a test, assignment or essay can be stressful. But that stress can sometimes boil over when things don’t go the student’s way. Whether it’s a grade you weren’t expecting or one you thought might happen, failing a subject or exam is never the end of the road. I’m sure we […]

Understanding Learning Modalities Essential To Your Child’s Success

Human beings are exposed to greater amounts of information in our current society than at any other time in history. This information comes from many sources including visual media, written information, general broadcast media, personal devices such as iPods, and oral information shared in discussion, stories, lectures etc. The ways in which this information is […]

Your First Tuition Session

Anything new comes with daunting thoughts. It is okay for students to feel a little anxious before their first session with a tutor. They do not know what to expect and meeting someone new can sometimes be uncomfortable for students. But our tutors are there to help, not to make anyone anxious! The first session […]

How a Pet can Help Children’s Studies

Whether it be a cat, dog or fish, animals can bring an abundance of love into any home. Combine this with a young, learning child and the cognitive benefits of one small furry hug can too be abundant. We often hear of people discussing an individual’s IQ. IQ means ‘Intelligence Quotient.’ It’s a score devised […]

Your Student’s Screen Time: Should you be worried?

In today’s digital climate, smartphones, iPads, tablets and so on are attached to our students. Their attention is easily wavered by the flash of a screen or the ding of a notification. But keeping social is important for all students and today, the majority of it is done in the online world. Whilst keeping up […]

Your Student’s Screen Time: Should you be worried?

In today’s digital climate, smartphones, iPads, tablets and so on are attached to our students. Their attention is easily wavered by the flash of a screen or the ding of a notification. But keeping social is important for all students and today, the majority of it is done in the online world. Whilst keeping up […]

Exam Time

This term has been challenging, much like the beginning of 2020. We have seen fires, floods and fights over toilet paper.  But amid all the chaos, students haven’t stopped. From the classroom to the cloud, students have adapted to the curveballs thrown. Whilst it is hoped that the worst has been and gone, students must […]

What Reflecting on COVID can do for your education

Think back to January. It is a new year. The Olympics are on. Maybe you have entered your last year of school or it’s your first day. You’re going to school each day, 5 days a week. Imagine if someone had told you then that in a few weeks, you’ll all be at home. You’ll […]

If at first you don’t succeed….

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” However, the courage to continue after failure can be slim and sought after. Failing after a first attempt can often be encouraging; an indication of further improvement. But after the fourth, fourteenth or fortieth attempt, […]

Adjusting to our new ‘normal’

With restaurants and cafes now opening their doors, many of us are rejoicing. We can now visit family and friends… outside the house!!! (maintaining our 1.5m, of course). Whilst for some it’s a time to embrace what we have endured; others are feeling an increased sense of anxiety because let’s face it, something like this […]

Going the Extra-Mile

You either love it or you hate it. For some students, school is not a haven of learning nor a place they thrive in. However, for those motivated and gifted enough to exercise their academic abilities, school can be an encouraging source of inspiration to discover talents and express their intellectual tendencies. For those who […]

How to Prioritise

When handed a list of tasks, one must go through the list to define what takes precedence. Schooling and academic studies are no different. Each subject commonly has a timeline of the tasks needed to be completed and when they must be completed by. However, students can still lose sight of priorities as one’s social […]

How to Deal with the Oral Presentation Jitters

Public speaking can be daunting for everyone; some are just better at hiding the nerves. The fidgeting, knee wobbles and awkward adjustment in the tone of a voice are all normal reactions to public speaking. Class presentations, school assemblies or an impromptu conversation are all actions that instigate the jitters. To ease those jitters, try […]

An Hour a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

We have all heard it – ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’ Now that is all well and good for our tummies. But what about our muscles and bones that get students through the school gates, or make them strong enough to cart around the textbooks on their backs? Physical exercise is essential […]

Your Online School Day – Helpful Tips to Ensure Productivity

Now that school is transitioning to online, there’s no reason to slack off. Just because the dining room table doesn’t have the classroom-like appeal, doesn’t mean schoolwork and study should be taken lightly. For students, the current online situation is an opportunity to be more productive. With extra time and fewer distractions, Students have the […]

Dear Current Year 12’s

Your situation was never predicted. From day one of your senior year to now, I think we can all admit that there have been a few changes; some of them drastic, some of them minor. No matter the degree of change, your senior year looks a little different to the ones you have watched before. […]

The Need for Constant Reinforcement

Homework and revision may often seem like a tiring element of learning. However, revising and reinforcing each night the lessons and knowledge of the day can often benefit students. While cramming for the exam or composing the essay in one hit eliminates time, there are few benefits for learning and processing of information.  Doing a […]

Does my Student need a Tutor?

As parents, knowing your child’s every move and thought is part of the job. But sometimes, little actions or moods may slip under the radar. Unfortunately for many parents, I’m sure, it’s frustrating that you can’t be in the classroom learning with them. But there is something you can do and look out for, across […]

Starting the Assignment

Task sheets are the key to any assignment. Yet with the due date bolded and multiple dot points of information sprawled all over the page, it’s easy to justify student’s concerns. When handed a new task sheet, students can be overwhelmed and lose track of what needs to be done. It can also be confusing […]

Is Uni the only Answer?

The pressures of high school and all that comes along with it can be stressful enough. But it doesn’t stop there. For senior students, the topic of futures and University are words thrown about the classroom on a common basis. For the students who are focused and have their eye on a certain University course, […]

The Benefits of Completing a Senior Science Subject

For students heading into senior years of schooling, the choice of 6 subjects is daunting. Two years, only focusing on 6 subjects 5 days a week is a scary notion. Consequently, subjects are normally picked according to what students wish to pursue after school. Science is a subject that students may dismiss as not relevant […]

The Importance of Grammar

An email to a colleague, a text message to a loved one or a simple comment on Facebook, are three examples of communication. Communication is at the centre of most things we do in life; how would you ever get your favourite meal at a restaurant if you couldn’t communicate with the staff?  The answer […]

The Importance of Parent/Tutor Communication

Like any relationship, good communication is key. This is no different when it comes to the relationship between parents and tutors. Ensuring that positive and ongoing communication is occurring will only benefit the child involved. As a bonus, it can also often lead to an improvement in academic performance! To communicate on a respected and […]

4 Methods to Make Revising Easier

The last thing most students want to do when getting home from a long day at school is more school. But the art of revising and homework can significantly benefit a student’s education. Whether it’s going over the English techniques of persuasion or finishing the maths worksheet from the day, the content learnt throughout the […]

Preparing for Term 2

10 weeks down! At this time, the holidays might not have the same thrill or excitement they usually do. Being unable to catch up with friends and go out to movies, changes the way students can now celebrate the current school holidays. Whilst term 2 and what that involves for your student is uncertain, the […]

The Importance of Parent/Tutor Communication

Like any relationship, good communication is key. This is no different when it comes to the relationship between parents and tutors. Ensuring that positive and ongoing communication is occurring will only benefit the child involved. As a bonus, it can also often lead to an improvement in academic performance! To communicate on a respected and […]

The Need for a Fun, Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

The ideas of classrooms have changed over time. Once they were small rooms inhabited by tiny wooden desks, but now they are often large interactive spaces for children to continue learning. But now it’s not just the layout of the space that’s important, it’s what goes on that plays a big part in your child’s […]

Why One-on-One?

In a chaotic classroom filled with 25 plus students, it’s easy to see why teachers can’t devote all their attention to one student. Between dealing with a rebellious student and the distractions of an interactive learning environment, students fall through the cracks. These cracks start to show in their learning sometimes through a lack of […]

Educational Things to Watch

As we continue to follow the guidelines and precautions set for us by our leaders, we will be spending more time inside. With schools possibly going online, it means there’s still some free time for students at home. Whilst there are books and puzzles and fun activities to do, sometimes a good blanket and warm […]

10 Fun Science Experiments to do While Inside

Struggling to find activities to do while inside? Why not dig through the cupboards and find all those household items that can double as a fun experiment as well. Not only will it keep the kids entertained, but it will stimulate their brains and trick them into learning something more! The Volcano – I’m sure […]

How to Maintain Routine in Isolation

As the decision to close schools comes closer, questions around what it may entail, what school will look like or how things are going to operate come into play. Unfortunately, the current health crisis places a large grey cloud over the student’s everyday activities. Students may be displaced from education, their school community and the […]

How to Help your Student in Isolation

With the current health crisis putting plans on hold, it might be that your student’s education is too. And while the possibility of a few more weeks of school holidays might excite your student, you might be wondering what happens next? It could mean time away from school, but it doesn’t have to mean time […]


10 Things to do in Isolation

The thought of being at home with your students for an unpredicted amount of time might be stressful. With students at home with limited places to go and things to do, your creativity for fun things to do might be lacking with everything that’s going on. To help with the stress of finding a new […]

What School online means for your student

Not going to a classroom or putting on a uniform each morning could be a daunting thought for students right now. The bliss of knowing what must be done the next day or the mundane ritual of getting up, having breakfast and going to school is no longer associated with students’ ‘normal’. Instead, we look […]

The Negative Stigma Surrounding Tutoring

It’s no secret that school can sometimes be hard. For all students, some tasks or topics just go in one ear and out the other. For students who regard themselves as high achievers, the step to investigate or ask for assistance can be tricky. This is often where the stigma starts. The stigma is founded […]

Why Reading Is Important

For some, simply seeing everything come to life on the big screen is enough. But what they don’t know is that they are missing out on all the fun! Whether it is escaping into a world of pixies and gladiators or reliving the moments of someone’s famous life, reading allows individuals to transcend outside the […]

Specialist Learning Centre Provides Additional Benefits for Tutoring

A criticism often leveled at today’s young people is that they lack the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. Of course this is a generalisation and there will be exceptions, but it is something that needs to be taken into consideration, especially by parents looking for the best method of providing out-of-school study […]

Student Engagement – Strategies for Involving Students in Their Learning

With new distractions and new ways of procrastinating, student engagement is often a challenge. When thinking of student engagement, it’s often easy to picture a classroom full of attentive, prepared students. Yet for some, engagement is a struggle. A student who is engaged can be described as having good behaviour and a positive attitude; someone […]

The Need for Persistence to Achieve Educational Goals

Everyone in life sets goals. They are a way to motivate us and they are also a judge of our improvement or success.  Whether it is to get an A on the test or to master that equation, students have academic goals that they wish to achieve. Yet sometimes, the effort and work are performed […]

Our Top 7 Tips on preparing for University.

Our Top 7 Tips on preparing for University. While the concept of life after high school might seem daunting, there are a few (7 in fact) simple and easy ways to get ahead. For those enrolled and looking forward to a new stage in the learning process, these tips may make all the difference in […]

A Few Cures to Procrastination

Most of us don’t like to admit it, but we are all victims of procrastination. It’s a highly contagious and harmful disease that claims the study of many students each year. Students can’t focus, so the disease takes over, turning students into unmotivated and distracted serious cases of the well-known illness. While there is no […]

How to Tackle O-Week at University

When it was them entering the school gates for their first day of Grade 1, you were the nervous ones. But now, as they approach the much bigger gates of universities and tertiary institutions, roles have reversed and now they’re the ones wanting to keep a hold of your hands.  Whether it’s a big historical […]

Top 10 Things to Get before Students go back to School

Whether you’ve been frolicking around a White Christmas or soaking up the sun here at home, the quick change from holidays to school can be stressful. Getting everything organised from timetables to lunchboxes can put you out of holiday mode. Schools often hand out nifty little book lists or checklists to make sure everything is […]

How to Prepare for High School

Going from the big kids in the school, to the teeny tiny Year 7 students of a brand-new school will always be daunting. Even for the parents, watching their students drown in a new uniform can instigate anxious feelings. From one teacher a year, to one teacher every 40 minutes, there is a lot to […]

The End of QCS – What does the new system mean for senior school in QLD?

Change is often met with a range of different emotions. With the new senior system coming into play this year, a change is set to be made; fortunately, or unfortunately depending on student’s relationship with change. It’s out with the old – QCS, and in with the new – internal and external assessments for our […]

How to get Back to School Ready

After a long holiday of relaxing, students often dread or “intentionally forget” that the date to return to school is approaching fast. Sleeping patterns have changed and brains have been switched off. However, it’s time to turn it all around and get your child well-rested and prepared for the school year ahead. Now that students […]

How to maintain motivation for Term 4

With only a few weeks to go before school is out, Term 4 tends to be the time for students when motivation is certainly not at its highest. School holidays are often at the forefront of every student’s mind, leaving schoolwork and commitments behind. However, there are still weeks of the term left, meaning there […]

The Importance of Term 4

While the shops may be parading their excessively early Christmas decorations and the end of the school year countdown may be on, it is important for both students and parents not to overlook Term 4. Despite Term 4 being one of the shortest terms in the school year (but feeling like the longest), it is […]

The Power of Repetition

In the modern day, we have all but thrown repetition, aka rote learning, out of our education system, favouring understanding.  However, could the two actually co-exist? How can anyone possibly fathom the deeper intricacies of a problem when they are still struggling with the basic mechanics?  There are certain building blocks in every level of […]

Common Errors in the English Language Create Barriers to Success

One of the major challenges for non-English speaking people who enter Australia is, obviously, their struggle with the language. This creates significant barriers in their social interaction with others, prospects for employment, access to social and business services, and their continuing education. Hundreds of thousands of people in this situation have taken up this challenge, […]

History Offers Opportunities to Rethink the Progress of Civilization

There is a famous saying that goes something like “those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” A look back at the history of human habitation on this planet would tell us that in some areas we have made miraculous strides and in others, we have hardly progressed beyond […]

Tutor Skills Needed More Than Ever For University Study

When students work with a tutor to get a specific result, they may have been receiving this assistance for a number of years. For example, if their area of weakness was General Mathsnd this was identified in mid-primary school, they may have been working with a Maths tutor for two to three years prior to […]

Why Worry?

This blog comes as a warning. I have decided to launch into the topic of ‘time wasting,’ a subject that I might add, I am quite proficient at. Now, stop nodding your head and thinking that you know all about procrastination and that I can’t tell you anything that hasn’t been said before. I am […]

Lessons in Geography Show the Versatility of Personal Tutors

With parents desperate to give their children every educational opportunity, the use of personal tutors to supplement the work done by teachers in schools and universities continues to grow in popularity. Once the province of the well-to-do, ordinary families are now rearranging priorities to ensure the funds are available to engage personal tutors for their […]

Positive Habits Essential To Success

One of the wonderful things about achieving success in life is that it is not dependent upon being born into a wealthy family, or being dazzlingly beautiful, or even being exceptionally gifted. While having those three attributes in your life may make the road easier, it is just as often not the case. For example, […]

The Connotation of Phrases

On the 28th January, 1953 a nineteen year old Derek William Bentley was hanged in England for uttering five simple words.  Those words were Let him have it, Chris. It began when Bentley and his mate, Christopher Craig, attempted to rob a warehouse of confectionery manufacturers.  Living opposite, a girl who witnessed the break-in alerted […]

Maths Tuition Gives Every Child An Extra Advantage

Every responsible parent wants to give their child the opportunity to be the best that they can be, and to have multiple options when it finally comes to choosing a career. An essential part of this desire is the quality of the education the child receives, whether in the public or private system. With demand […]

Exposure To A Second Language Essential To Childhood Development

The Australian education system has been relatively slow in comparison to other countries in recognizing the whole-of-life benefits of learning a second language. While High School students have had access to second language education for many years, it is only in recent times that this has extended into primary school. Unfortunately, one of the main […]

Another Perspective Regarding Tutoring

As parents we all want our children to succeed, but we also know that the school curriculum these days is overcrowded, even in the best of schools. Many children are genuinely doing the best they can but feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of tasks and subject matter they are presented with every day. Others […]

Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Meetings

When it comes to parent-teacher conferences there is a fine line between helpful and humiliating as awkward silences suffocate classrooms Australia-wide. Schools are the primary environment for child development both mentally and socially, hence, these conferences are vital to engage in your child’s growth. However, as an independent party uninvolved in the education system, it […]

Team Work in Assignments – Essential or Exasperating?

When it comes to group assignments, the majority of students will have one of two opinions; that it’s a brutally unfair theft of work, or that it is the best idea in the world because now they can kick back and watch TV while the class valedictorian earns them an A+. The reality is that […]


Involving Students in Their Own Learning

In a classroom full of peers, a single misstep can be a devastating blow to a student’s confidence, a crowded room can mean their questions remain unresolved and a competitive environment can foster stress and anxiety regarding their academic ability. As a result, many students find themselves falling behind as victims of academic disengagement, affecting […]

What Type of Learner Are You?

The experience of trying to engage a child to sit still and focus on the task in front of them can often be likened to herding cats. The problem is what draws one in may bore another to the point where they simply lose all interest in a topic. A key aspect of this is […]

Positive Study Habits Best Learnt Early in Academic Life

A study of Australian university participation rates conducted in 2018 found that one in five students are more likely to drop out than complete university. A number of causal factors were identified such as changing to a different university or course, deferring with the intention to return in the future and others. Sadly, failing courses […]

Personal Tuition for the Overachiever

There are many students already at the top of their class who use personal tuition to achieve a level of education over and above their current grade. They may be aiming higher to get a scholarship or for the super-competitive, just to test themselves against their peers. As a professional sports person uses a trainer […]

Reading – The Ultimate Escape

Have you ever felt bogged down, perhaps in a rut or maybe even overwhelmed with what life has dished up to you at the moment? Sometimes, and often without reason, people can be overcome with a desire to just run away, escape and hide from the world. For a lucky few the possibility of real, […]

Personal Tutors Give High School Graduates a Flying Start at Uni

There are many challenges to be faced when undertaking university study for the first time. Of course, the obvious ones are all connected with the subject material, and the demands of studying and submitting assignments at a much higher level than required at the secondary education level. Some of the not-so-obvious challenges centre around a […]

Get a Head Start on the School Year with a Personal Tutor

We all know that the start of any new venture or experience is exciting but at the same time tinged with apprehension, as everything that lies before us is an unknown. When that start is a positive one, the rest of the experience tends to follow the same pattern; but if things go awry, it […]

Beating the summer slide

Summer holidays, a time when the kids lounge around the house all day, playing video games, watching TV, or generally being lazy. It’s great that they are having some downtime after a full on year of school, but too much brain-numbing activity can be damaging to their learning. A study by Oxford Learning claims that your child […]

The importance of continuing tuition when entering high school 

Your child has gotten through primary school and their academic prospects are looking up, so why continue tutoring? If you originally hired a tutor for your child because they were struggling, it may be tempting to stop these sessions when you see improvements in their grades. However, when it comes to tutoring, consistency is key. It’s not just […]

5 Ways To Make Maths Fun!

Everybody knows Maths sucks! It’s hard and boring and when in the real world will you need to know how to do long division? At least that’s how most kids think. But the reality is that maths is everywhere and it’s an extremely useful skill that helps us make sense of the world. Some kids may […]

4 Reasons to Get a Second Language Tutor

Learning a second language may seem like a daunting task for your child, but you will be surprised by how it can enrich their lives. It can be a fun and rewarding experience, building their character and widening their mind. When paired with the right tutor it won’t be as scary or difficult as you […]


How choosing the right tutor can help build self-confidence

Most parents don’t need to be convinced that tutoring is important. Any parent who has seen their child’s grades improve after dedicated tutoring sessions will attest to it. However, choosing the right tutor has an impact on children beyond their next test or due assignment. The qualities and confidence that can be imbued into students […]

How a tutor can help set realistic goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In schools there is a keen focus on setting academic goals, though there can also beencouragement towards setting interpersonal goals or goals related to emotional resilience. What is important, however, is to understand how nurturing effective goal-setting behaviour from a young age […]

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