4 P’s to Look for in a Tutor

We all know that everyone learns differently. Some students thrive sitting in front of a whiteboard, while others struggle. The dynamics of school and the classroom can often bring obstacles for these students who do not succeed so easily in their academic endeavours.

BUT…whether students strive or struggle, seeking further help will always benefit students. Tutors act as a mentor or figure committed to enabling academic success and growth in confidence for students, both in and out of the classroom. Many qualities are beneficial in a tutor, but we think a tutor should always have the 4 P’s: Patience, Perseverance, Perspective and Praise.

Patience: Just like how we acknowledge that all students learn differently, it’s true too that students learn at different paces. Some students find clarity with a few minutes of comprehension; however, the student beside them may need extra hours to grapple with the concept. For a tutor to accept whatever pace a student must complete their tasks at is vital in student’s confidence and approach to learning.

Perseverance: It’s no help if after the student doesn’t understand or comprehend topics, tutors just give up. If the way they first approached their teaching strategy fails and tutors decide they are no longer of assistance, it’s not beneficial to the student nor their confidence. Tutors must too put in the equal effort their student does in attempting to learn the topic in attempting to teach the topic. Tutors should be committed to both the student’s learning and their overall improvement. In this way, tutors will be a constant example and representation of perseverance to their students.

Perspective: Tutors are afforded the opportunity to entice their students, so why not use it? In a classroom, teachers are restricted to the curriculum or 20 plus other students in the room who also demand their attention. But with a tutor, tutors can find and incorporate fun and engaging resources that may not be accessible in the classroom. Tutors can translate and communicate ideas in a way that’s new or different from what they are used to in the classroom and traditional dynamic of school.

Praise: Students need praise. They need encouragement and the confirmation of improvement to continue their studies with the same momentum and effort than what the studies were first approached with. In having a tutor that practices praise, students can gain a sense of confidence and improve upon it as they progress with their studies and their tutor.