4 Reasons to Get a Second Language Tutor

Learning a second language may seem like a daunting task for your child, but you will be surprised by how it can enrich their lives. It can be a fun and rewarding experience, building their character and widening their mind. When paired with the right tutor it won’t be as scary or difficult as you and your child may have first thought.

Here are four reasons your child should learn a second language.


  1. Increased cognitive abilities

Research by Harvard Professor Maria Polinsky has shown that learning a second language can provide a boost to your Child’s cognitive abilities. There could be a boost to creativity, problem solving and critical thinking, giving your child a head start in school.

Your child could also become a better multitasker as they are constantly switching between languages which builds this ability.  


  1. More open to diversity

Learning another language often comes with being exposed to a new culture. Your child will have the chance to explore the differences and similarities of this new culture compared to their own. This will allow them to be more open minded and develop their ability to put themselves in another’s shoes.

Learning another language will also enhance their sense of wonder and a desire to explore the world and better understand new cultures will pull your child into a brighter idea of the world.

With a second or third language, your child is better equipped to thrive in an increasingly global society.


  1. Higher self-esteem

Learning a new language will improve your child’s self-esteem. As they become more fluent and comfortable with the new language they will be able to feel proud of their skill and show it off to friends and family. It will also give your child more opportunity to connect and communicate with others as they grow and move in the world. Being able to connect is one of the fundamental elements of having high self esteem.  


  1. More vocational opportunities

Learning a second language opens the world up to your child. Not only does it allow them to become more “worldly”, it creates opportunities to work and study overseas. Your child will get a head start in their applications to world class universities allowing them to thrive in their future career. They can explore exciting new places in the world while studying, just because they can speak the language.

The earlier your child learns a new language the bigger the impact it will have on their lives. So get a head start on their future and get a great tutor that can help make learning a new language fun and start them on a path to success.