5 Ways To Make Maths Fun!

Everybody knows Maths sucks! It’s hard and boring and when in the real world will you need to know how to do long division? At least that’s how most kids think. But the reality is that maths is everywhere and it’s an extremely useful skill that helps us make sense of the world. Some kids may find Maths fun naturally, but for others it is just a drag that is hard to get through. With today’s education curriculum it is impossible to avoid Maths, so why not make it fun instead? Here are 5 ways you can make Maths fun for kids.


  1. Use Games

Kids love games, this is one of the best ways to keep their attention. You can use games to get kids engaged in Maths without them even realising that they are learning. Turn already well loved board games that revolve around numbers into a learning experience just by adding Maths problems. Take Uno for example. Have the students multiply, add, subtract or divide with the numbers on the cards whenever they play. Or you could play Yahtzee and get the kids to complete a maths question based off of the numbers on the dice. There are so many more games that you can augment with extra maths, and you can even make up your own. The kids won’t even realise they are learning they will be having too much fun!


  1. Utilise Screens

Screens are no replacement for pen and paper when it comes to learning. But they are everywhere, and when used well they can be a great way to make Maths fun. There are plenty of fantastic apps that will teach Maths while being fun for the kids. Apps like Dreambox or Mathville are fun ways to get kids to practice a range of Maths skills from the basics to more complicated equations. Games on the internet are great too and are generally free. Sushi Monster, AplusMath and Math Playground are three great games that can be found on the web.


  1. Use Food

Something fun to do for younger kids is learning with food. Let your kids play with their favourite foods by dividing it, creating fractions, adding or subtracting all on the plate. It’s hands on and a little bit messy but they will be enjoying themselves immensely. Another fun way to use food to practice Maths is by using recipes. There are plenty of great no-bake recipes, if you don’t want to use ovens, that are delicious and fun to make. Put Maths problems into the recipes and then challenge the kids even further by making them double, triple or even quadruple the recipe. It’ll be fun, messy, and best of all delicious, all while learning Maths.


  1. Get Outside

Outside play is fun, refreshing and healthy for kids. It can allow their imaginations to flourish, and can be a great time to learn some Maths while they are there. You can use some classic outside games here with a Maths twist to get the kids having a tonne of fun. Take hopscotch and turn it into a little Maths puzzle, or better yet set up a scavenger hunt. Create some clues that require a Maths puzzle to complete and place a sweet prize at the end of it. The kids will be be learning, while getting exercise and having the time of their lives. It’s win, win, win!


  1. Bring in Real Objects

Chuck the workbooks aside and give the kids some real objects to test out what they have learnt. A great way for kids to learn is through play, and if they can test their Maths knowledge on a physical object it will allow for a richer, more enjoyable experience. Bring in blocks, Playdough, or Lego and watch their imaginations go wild all while they test out new Maths problems. Set up some challenges and let them complete it in a practical hands on way. This demonstrates to kids that their are fun and practical ways to use Maths in everyday life.