A student check list to choosing the right university…

Choosing the place to spend your tertiary education is no easy decision. For some it could mean moving interstate, living out of home and beginning a new stage in their learning and life.

Deciding which university to attend can also be made harder when students aren’t sure what they want to do or can’t decide between a few.

When application deadlines approach, the panic can often increase. So, it’s important to make sure it’s the right choice.

Make sure you know what you want first. Others around you could be on their way to university or other pathways after finishing school. Making your own decision based on what friends and other school peers are doing is a mistake.

To make your own decision, consider what your interests are, what skills you possess and how you can implement this into a career. Something else to ponder is what you want out of your studies. If these questions don’t lead to a clear degree or occupation, but you’d like to continue on the tertiary path, try out a general degree. Get a taste of Uni life and everything involved. In trying out subjects and speaking to other peers, a degree might spark your interest, allowing you to go into a more specialised degree.

If you’ve got a course or university in mind from the get-go, remember to keep things in perspective. If that dream falls away or you fall short, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe if you do end up going, it’s not what you expect either.

Courses have particular scores needed for entry, but your final score or mark might not match up. Your first preference might not come through, so maybe it comes down to your second or third or even fifth preference. This may force you to consider what you want or if look at alternative pathways to get into the course you have decided is what you want.

Research what’s out there. There’s a range of universities and degrees that are offered, find out more about them. Look at course codes and lists and opportunities within the university. Something else to look further into is the costs of tuition. What about travel time, the cost of living, or working part-time while studying?

Talk to teachers, family and friends or someone professional to consider the options with you. They might have an insight into what they think could be a possible pathway for you or help guide you in the right direction.

Going to university and choosing where to go is no easy feat. It’s a huge milestone for students in their learning journey. Take the time to make the right decision and you will be all the better for it.