Advice for students heading into exams

As we approach the end of the year, senior students start to get ready for their final exams. This can be a stressful time for all involved, but especially the students. Despite the little time left, there are still some things students can do to give their confidence and grades a little boost to the finish line.

Anyone heading into a stressful time can appreciate being organised. This can be from the study space to the notes. Take the time to collate your notes in an organised manner. Having your notes coordinated will make it easy to find things. This will in turn help to keep you motivated and less frazzled. Making sure that you’re familiar with the exam timetable is also beneficial to make sure you’re organised the night before. Waking up ready to go will allow you to get there early and stay calm before the exam.

Making sure you’ve covered all content is important. But what’s also important is to figure out what topics you’re all over and the content that maybe needs some more focus. There will still be time to hone in on the weakness. Perhaps coming to a tutor at this point would be helpful or asking your teacher for extra resources or advice on what to work on could also help.

Mix it up. Mix up where you study, how you study and when you study. If you’ve been using the same study techniques or strategies for a while now, it’s likely your brain is already accustomed to it. If that’s the case, you might switch off halfway through. Mixing it up will keep you and your brain more engaged and alert.

Go back to basics with a pen and paper. Sure, technology can be fun and easy to use, but studying with an old-fashioned pen and paper can improve performance. There are fewer distractions when it’s just some paper and a pen. But writing things down can improve memory and help your brain remember the content. Plus, it mixes things up again!

Why not try some practise exams before the big one? Looking at past papers can get repetitive, but it’s one of the best strategies to both study and prepare yourself for the exam itself. Try and look for exams that you haven’t tried before. Perhaps write out some of your own test questions and swap them with a friend to test each other.

Get into a study/exam routine. Get enough sleep and eat well, you’ll thank yourself when it comes round to exam time. Put devices away before bedtime, not just right before. This way you’ll get a solid night’s sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. Apples and salads over junk food and energy drinks will help you concentrate!

The end is in sight, so keep the head down just for that little bit longer seniors.