All Neat and Tidy

If you’ve ever walked into your student’s room and thought a bomb has gone off from the clothes flung on the floor, the paper showering the ground or the fact that you can’t see what colour the carpet is anymore, it’s probably time for an intervention. Students can’t work or function in this state, it’s messy and confronting to the eye. But it’s also not your job to pick up the clothes from the floor to find the carpet, it is their responsibility. As frustrating and unsettling as the sight of it is, ultimately teaching the virtue and value of cleanliness can go along way in improving their education and learning.

As funny as it may sound, it actually is a bit of a safety hazard. Things can be on the floor, someone can slip over and next thing you know, you’re spending your Wednesday night waiting for a doctor in the lovely emergency room (all the while missing the Bachelor too…you’re not happy). These messy habits whilst, inconvenient bit a little trivial at home, can be a whole another thing when it comes to school. It inhibits on the other student’s learning and their environment. So really, it’s not benefiting anyone. Get your Mr Miagi on and get your student to hang up their jumper just until the idea of a tidy workspace sets in.

In a tidy workspace, it’s no secret that you can get more done. There’s no rumble underneath a pile of paper to distract students and look at that, they don’t have to dive into the pile to find a pencil. With things put neatly in their place and visible whilst studying, students will find they get more work done. Now they probably won’t believe you when you tell them this, but it’s true that students who study in a tidy workplace work and study for longer periods of time too.

So, whilst it can be distracting in general, a messy space can also intervene on tasks and deadlines. Students can get stressed or lose focus of the task at hand looking around the room at the mess they have created. Putting things away and tidying up before students sit down to get the job done will result in a distraction-free, more productive environment.

Not only will it relieve you of the stress or fright you get when you open the door, but your student will be more productive. Without distractions and space where pencils can be found and work can be done, students will be more motivated and engaged to continue with their study.