Another Perspective Regarding Tutoring

As parents we all want our children to succeed, but we also know that the school curriculum these days is overcrowded, even in the best of schools. Many children are genuinely doing the best they can but feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of tasks and subject matter they are presented with every day. Others are intimidated by the competitive nature of some of their classmates. All children, given the opportunity for individual tuition, will improve their academic performance when the subject matter and method of delivery is individually focused.

We all face challenges

Modern schools are a challenging environment and are made deliberately so, to develop self-confidence and independent thought. Every one of us faces real challenges in life, and although we don’t realise it, we start developing the skills to face those challenges in early childhood, especially at school. Children are challenged to develop their strengths and if areas of weakness are identified, some guidance and encouragement can make all the difference. Engaging the expertise of a personal tutor is an excellent method for building on strengths and correcting shortfalls before they become a major issue.

Why do students underperform?

There are many reasons why students underperform, and the challenge for educators is to identify the most obvious reasons and address them. This may be achieved by adjusting the learning outcomes or developing more engaging resources or teaching methods. A student may have missed a particular building block months, or even years, previously leaving them to struggle with only part of the picture. Often, if the problem isn’t identified and addressed early, the student gradually loses confidence and forms a learning block in that particular area. Individual tuition is perfect for correcting these situations, and allows the student to rebuild their self-belief, which in turn spills over into other areas of the curriculum.

A major part of teaching is finding the right motivators for each student, and then creating a positive environment where challenges can be met and overcome, and successes reinforced and encouraged. A highly skilled personal tutor can provide this positive learning environment for any child, through their access to quality resources, their own individual skills and experience, and their ability to give the child concentrated levels of attention that would be impossible to get in a classroom situation.

As academic performance increases so too does self-confidence, enjoyment and motivation in the chosen subject area. Not only will the use of a personal tutor assist a student to achieve better academic results, but they will also develop strong study habits through engaging with the tutor. These study habits and skills will stay with them as they move beyond school into the lifelong learning environment that is the emerging workplace. Personal tutor programs are available to primary, high school and university-level students in all core disciplines.