Beating the summer slide

Summer holidays, a time when the kids lounge around the house all day, playing video games, watching TV, or generally being lazy. It’s great that they are having some downtime after a full on year of school, but too much brain-numbing activity can be damaging to their learning. A study by Oxford Learning claims that your child could lose up to a month’s worth of learning due to the summer holidays. So what can you do to stop all that hard work from being wasted? Here are a few ways to avoid the summer slide.

Get some toys for the brain 

A great way to make sure your kids are learning while having fun is to encourage them to play with toys that will also stimulate their brain. Put away the Xbox and pull out a puzzle or a Rubix cube.  These are activities that activate logical and mathematical thinking. If your kid insists on playing video games there are educational apps available. This is also a good opportunity for you to enjoy some bonding time together by engaging in some friendly competition and challenging your child to beat your high score.

Board games can be great for getting your kids thinking, plus they bring the whole family together for some wholesome fun. Try playing some Scrabble to work on word skills or modify some other classics like Yahtzee! by adding in some math problems.  

Read, Read, Read! 

 Oxford Learning found that over the Christmas holidays up to two months worth of reading skills can be lost. Making sure that your child continues reading over the holidays is important to their academic performance when they return to school. There are a few ways to encourage your child to read. One way is to read to your child. Show them just how much fun books can be. Don’t be afraid to be silly and act out certain parts of the book – just have fun with it. If your child is too old to be read to maybe you could show them a movie, such as Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings, and see if that inspires them to read the books. Another fun way to encourage reading is through a library. Take your kids wandering through the aisles of books. Let them choose whatever interests them and borrow it out. Reading is fundamental to a child’s education so it is important to retain those skills during the holidays.

Try incorporating learning into day to day activities 

One point that comes out of our Making Math Fun blog, is that one of the best ways to stimulate learning is by making learning opportunities out of everyday life. Try baking with your child, and asking them to count and measure out the ingredients. Alternatively, create a scavenger hunt with education-based clues.

Get a tutor   

A great way to make sure your kids don’t experience the summer slide is to keep their education going through the summer with a tutor. A tutor can allow them to catch up on problems they may have had in the previous year and give them a head start on the next year. Tutoring doesn’t just have to be on curriculum material either. Your kids can use the holiday time to explore an interest in science or history not covered at school. Contact Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors today and see how else tutoring can help your child.