Before Tomorrow Comes

After a big day of learning, it’s easy to slump into the couch with your favourite pack of shapes. At that moment, when the crumbs are falling all over your uniform and the TV in all its square-edged glory looks enticing, dust off the crumbs and restrain from clutching at the remote. It’s easy to avoid tomorrow’s responsibilities with the distractions of today, but this draining cycle will only make it harder for tomorrow’s day of study … and crumbier.

Prepare for the day ahead. Most students these days are afforded the sweet advantage of a timetable. Pretending to Mum and Dad that you don’t know what subjects or lessons are on tomorrow won’t cut it anymore … and if they didn’t know then, they do now (we’re sorry). Look at tomorrow’s schedule. Pack the night before so the awkward call to Mum saying you’ve forgotten your sports uniform or the notes for your presentation never has to happen.

Get the homework done. Unless you’re extra speedy and managed to fend off all your chatty peers in your lessons today, I bet you’ve got some homework to do. Whilst I admire your procrastination efforts in reading this literary genius, get that homework finished and out of the way … after reading this until the end of course. We don’t want a pile-up at the end of the week with all the homework you decided to fend off during the week, so smash it out now.

Along with that homework, let’s make sure all that’s read and needed to be caught up on is done. You may not know, but actually reading what is required or recommended by your teachers prior to the session is actually for your benefit … I’ll wait while you pick that jaw up off the floor. But in all seriousness, get that done too. Reading the content covered the next day will allow for clarification and discussion. Bringing in the background knowledge and a basic understanding makes for easier comprehension and less confusion. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who actually did read what was required then you’ve got the upper hand, the power-play if you will. While your peers are the ones with BBQ shapes stained uniforms and square eyes, you have a card in your hand they don’t; you can ask questions. It may not seem like a showstopper, but in having a day and that lesson to mull over the ideas, questions can be asked and answered. For those who aren’t prepared, they’re still struggling trying to understand the first slide, let alone gather the information and question it.

Sleep time. Give those eyes a rest, they’ve earnt it. After all the homework and reading you’ve just been doing, sleep is just what the brain needs to recover and re-energise for the day ahead. Combine that with the epic and nutritious breakfast that’s awaiting you in the morning and I’d say you’re in for a very studious day.