Change is Good, but when’s the Right Time?

A little bit of tweaking here and there can sometimes break it completely or put it all back together again. Perhaps the tweak that you and your student need is a change. A change of scenery, a change in routine and a change in schools. It might be that you’ve noticed your student feeling less motivated than usual when the school alarm goes off in the morning. Or maybe you’ve been feeling a little neglected or out of touch with their teacher and the school community? We’re here to help you get to the bottom of it. We’ve got what we think are 5 tell-tale signs of when it’s time to spice things up; time for a change.

Numero uno, your intuition. Your gut is never wrong. If you think there’s something going on with your student in regards to their relationship and attitude towards school, then follow up on it. Try to spark up a conversation with your child to determine if there are other factors contributing to the sudden disdain for school or if something really is going on at school. Try to prompt questions, but don’t let your judgement and conceptions convince your student that they aren’t happy with the school, let them come to the finalisation themselves.

Next up is their behaviour. If the crying and moaning at the gate amps up it could be a sign they’re not enjoying themselves. Perhaps it’s a change on the behaviour front altogether. Have they withdrawn from the family? Are they acting like themselves? If the answers are not what they should be, again, get the conversation going. Nothing is going to happen if the two of you are tiptoeing around the problem, unsure whether to broach the topic to one another.

Are you emailing your student’s teacher at 2 am hoping for a reply? There’s a fine line with communication amongst a teacher and the student’s guardians. Expecting 2 am replies is a hard ask, teachers are lucky if they get 15min in their 8 am – 4 pm workday for a bathroom break. So, interrupting their sleep and not getting a reply at 6am is a little understandable. However, going weeks on end without a reply or even an acknowledgement of the email is harsh. This combined with a lack of updates and communication be an indication.

Is the tennis court or Olympic standard swimming pool distracting you from the education in the classroom? Or perhaps those facilities are something that was on your list. Whatever the resources you want or don’t want, don’t let them cloud your judgement of what you think your student and their education deserve. Is the abundance or lack of resources distracting you from what they are missing? Or maybe it prompts an idea of something else that is not up to standard?

Timing may also be another sign to look elsewhere. The school you chose 12 years ago for your first student may not be the right choice for your current or future students. Despite the same parents, family or upbringing, not every sibling nor student is the same, meaning school isn’t a one fits all. And perhaps, maybe the school you chose 12 years ago isn’t that same school either. They’ve changed. And they’ve changed into something you maybe don’t align with anymore or you’ve changed too and what different things out of education and your children’s school.

Changing schools may not be the cure to your student’s change in behaviour, but it also shouldn’t be the first resort. Work together to find a solution that serves you, them and their schooling the best.