Choosing the Right Essay Topic for Tertiary Admissions

Moving on to the next phase for some students involves progressing from secondary to tertiary education. It’s an exciting step but a big one at that. Students will find that they are now responsible for due dates and motivation to get it all done. But before they get to that step, let’s help them get into University, TAFE or their next chosen education journey.

It’s important to research what the school or schools are looking for. Look into what makes them, them. Do they have a focus on community involvement or volunteering? Perhaps they place emphasis on specific virtues and ideologies? By utilizing these ideas in their essay, not only does it appeal to those reading them, but could also help to ensure their essay is the one that stands out.

Now, standing out whilst in some situations isn’t the ideal, in this situation it definitely is. Standing out could mean the difference between getting in and just missing out. No one wants to read the same essay a handful times with the only adjustment being the name of the student. No! The admissions team want to ready unique, genuine stories from individuals. Brainstorm values, experiences or perspectives that you have as a student and an individual that make you, you. Write them down. Once you think you’ve got it, go with it. If you’re not sure which one to go with, pick the one you’re passionate about. Maybe it’s a story about one of your travels or a hardship you’ve gone through in life. It might even be the value you place on family and why. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you can write about with purpose and motivation because without that, your essay won’t be finished nor up to the standard it should reflect.

Check out some common essays or essay topics. If you’re still stuck with what to write about or haven’t quite found your rhythm yet, get some inspiration from others. It doesn’t even have to be about university. You could find inspiration in an essay from someone you look up to or someone who writes about the things you like too. Whether or not you take specific inspiration from ideas or topics other authors have chosen, it will spark motivation in readings others’ prose.

It’s always important to produce a good essay whether it be for school or admissions. Providing your desired institution with an insight into your potential as a student and character as a person will enable them to determine whether the two are a good fit.

But sometimes the words just aren’t flowing onto the page. If that’s the case, our tutors are more than willing to assist. With experience in entrance exam and essay writing, we can guide you with one-on-one tuition.