Does my Student need a Tutor?

As parents, knowing your child’s every move and thought is part of the job. But sometimes, little actions or moods may slip under the radar. Unfortunately for many parents, I’m sure, it’s frustrating that you can’t be in the classroom learning with them. But there is something you can do and look out for, across from the dinner table. Little changes in mood or behaviour or in academic results might just be the warning signs that you need to find your student a one-on-one tutor.

The first things to look for can be found in the report cards that students often dread. Looking over their results and behavioural descriptions, you might see a difference you weren’t expecting or something that stands out. It could be that the teacher has commented on their progress or the fact that they’ve dropped down a grade. Getting a head start and helping your student when the first signs appear, can make sure your student doesn’t fall behind.

If there are tantrums in the car travelling to school or the attempt to pull a ‘sickie’, it could also be another sign your student is struggling at school. Not wanting to go because they don’t feel their work is at the same standards as classmates or they just can’t get a handle on that one subject, could be a great reason to introduce an extra helping hand into the equation.

Now, it’s known that most students aren’t the biggest fans of homework. It’s often a battle at home to get it completed, but if students are avoiding homework or pretending ‘they don’t have any’ and trust me they do, the student might not be coping with their school work as well as you first thought. Try sitting down with them and going through it step by step. You might be able to determine whether it’s just a bad day or it’s just not making sense. And as a bonus, you’ll get a better night’s sleep knowing the homework is done!

Moping around the house or not taking the chance to pick on a sibling (because what child doesn’t take advantage of that) is also a big sign to check up on your student. Their confidence or success might be dwindling at school and as a result, the siblings are finally getting along but school motivation is slipping. No confidence in their abilities could be having an effect on their normal, happy, sibling-torturing self.

Tantrums in the car or changed academic results are just some of the signs to look out for. And that’s when we come in! A one-on-one tutor might just be the sign you’ve been looking for to help get those grades and confidence back up.