Educational Things to Watch

As we continue to follow the guidelines and precautions set for us by our leaders, we will be spending more time inside. With schools possibly going online, it means there’s still some free time for students at home. Whilst there are books and puzzles and fun activities to do, sometimes a good blanket and warm spot on the couch are what the doctor ordered. So, to make sure we’re all keeping our brains focused, here are a few shows we recommend:

For our younger students, a long movie may not be as stimulating as a quick TV show teaching you a new fact or covering a new concept. So, to pass the time for those in their younger years of schooling, why not try:

  • Play School – A classic Aussie favourite but a good one at that. Unsure of what window will be entered from one day to the next, Play School offers new recipes or experiments that students can do after the show!
  • Magic School Bus – With characters and a cartoon appeal, each episode of the show features a new concept. With an excursion inside the human body, there is no doubt your student will come out with a few new fun facts to share at the dinner table.

For the whole family to watch, why not sit down and get stuck into a documentary or a doco-series. It’s a great way to learn more about the world and relax while doing it. If that’s what you’re looking for, we suggest putting on:

  • March of the Penguins – It’s a detailed story about emperor penguin and their travels. With Morgan Freeman’s calming voice to set the scene, students can learn more about human behaviour from the adorable waddling creatures on screen.
  • Jane – Follows the story of Jane Goodall, a female conservationist committed to helping chimpanzees. Showing the troubles and adversities she faced throughout her career, students can witness a story of hope and compassion.

And for those students who are too cool to watch movies with the family – teenagers alone in their rooms, we’re talking about you – these crowd favourites and classic movies have underlying themes in them that will get students thinking:

  • The Blind Side – Telling the tale of a disadvantaged athlete, the film features notions of adversity, challenge, family, success and perseverance. In the end, students might have a newfound attitude towards their studies and the challenges that come their way.
  • Good Will Hunting – A very young Matt Damon embodies the character of a young student with a gift. Centred around mathematics, students can learn a thing or two from the Maths Wizz, not just the scary-looking equations on the board.