Feeling lonely during the holidays?

It’s okay to feel lonely during the holidays. It’s a normal time to feel like a bit of an outsider if you’re away from home or family. Whilst it’s normal, it can be a tricky time to navigate. Even more so when you add social media into the mix and possibly see your friends with their families and celebrating the holidays.
Loneliness isn’t something to be ashamed about. It doesn’t point to something weird or disordered about you. It’s an experience shared by most of us and some of those experience it in the holidays too, just like you now. This is something to remember when you feel excluded, it’s not your fault.
It may even be a situation where you are surrounded by your family and friends, but still feel lonely. One reason could be a lack of understanding. This lack of understanding or even acceptance could stem from the reactions and receptions received from family and friends. If you’re feeling this way, it’s good to remember that it’s not a reflection of you.
Another possible reason for that niggling feeling of loneliness is that maybe perhaps you’re the single in a sea of couples. Despite the visual that you don’t have someone on your arm (and to put the thought to bed, no you do not need one), family members can still pester about your love life and make it feel like the most important thing about you. Again, it’s not a reflection of you.
Whilst it may not be easy to shrug off those thoughts, to break away from those lonely situations amongst gatherings is to put yourself out there. Whilst it may sound trivial when discussing loneliness, it can be helpful to talk to new people or go to gatherings where you don’t know many people. Those positive interactions will show you that you can talk to people and that you can connect. In doing so, the confidence skyrockets. These little interactions and bouts of confidence will help when it comes to uncomfortable conversations with friends or family.
If, however, a gathering or situation surrounded by people isn’t on the cards, why not volunteer? Christmas time can be tricky for those in less fortunate situations, so volunteering can make you feel better. Volunteering to feed the homeless or hand out presents to those unable to buy them can be rewarding all whilst allowing you to feel a part of something during the holidays.
After the year we’ve had (again) it’s important to make the most of the holidays. If you feel lonely remember that it’s okay.