From Year 6 to Year 7: Welcome to High School

Long live the days of one teacher, one classroom and the one class of peers. That was primary school. But now your students are moving up in the world. They’re getting ready to embrace a new school uniform, possibly a new campus and a new way of learning. But with that comes the transition from a primary school student to a big high school student.

Enjoy those holidays. School life is about to change for students and you as parents and guardians. The little student walking out of primary school is now a big grown-up student approaching the first day of their final years of schooling. Embrace the free time and innocence that the school holidays encourage. Take that trip or let them see that friend because soon enough there will be this sport on and that after-school commitment on and that family event. The holidays are also a time for students to refocus and reenergize for the year ahead, which for them, this time, is a big one… Year 7.

First things first, let’s get them organised. Whether or not your student is raring to make the transition or your student is happy to stay at the top of the food chain, they need to be ready to face their new reality. Getting the uniform sorted is at the top of the list. Hot tip, if you’re one to save and hunt down a bargain, start with second-hand. Sometimes the uniforms can be on the pricey side and let’s face it, you probably don’t want to send your student to their first day of high school wearing nothing… it might not be the best start. Maybe a friend of a friend or a neighbour has some in the wardrobe they’d be happy to pass down. So, wherever you’re sourcing it from, ensure your student is looking schmick in all their school-uniform itchiness. Moral of this tip, get your student organised.

Why not visit their new stomping grounds? ‘I’m never going to find my class’ or ‘What if I get lost?’ are just some of the common thoughts swirling around students’ heads. If it’s close by, take a trip to the place they’ll soon call home… for 5 days a week, don’t worry they’re not leaving just yet. Walking around and familiarising themselves with the buildings, where the facilities are and a possible new lunch spot will ease those anxious minds. Look at the school’s website or ask around the community to see what a school day’s structure is like! 2 subjects in the morning, 3 after lunch and 2 more later on may be their new schedule. In visualising or familiarising themselves with their new routine, the first day might not seem so daunting.

Fortunately for your student, they’re not doing it alone. There will be other uniform-swallowed first-year high-schoolers on the block. Connecting with those who are to attend their school could also ease both yours and your student’s minds. In having a few familiar faces to stumble around and get lost with, it creates an environment that’s a little less intimidating. Maybe some peers and friends from their primary school are coming along for the ride or they’re the only lucky one coming from a different school, try to reach out. Chances to do so are on open days or the induction days.  Try to encourage students to engage and connect with their newfound friends, because after all they better get used to them… 6 years is a long time.

For students, it’s an exciting stage to be one step closer to finishing their education. For you, maybe it’s a little saddening to see them navigate what’s a little more grown-up. But most importantly, it is a time to be open and excited. Embrace the challenge but the opportunity at the same time.