Get a Head Start on the School Year with a Personal Tutor

We all know that the start of any new venture or experience is exciting but at the same time tinged with apprehension, as everything that lies before us is an unknown. When that start is a positive one, the rest of the experience tends to follow the same pattern; but if things go awry, it can be difficult to recover the situation. This applies as much to children as adults and with the new school year upon us, most parents will be looking for every opportunity to give their children the best possible start, as a negative one will be difficult to overcome.

With this in mind, many parents are getting ahead of the game by engaging a personal tutor for their children to kick off the school year. Rather than wait for the first reports to come back to them, which could be some months into the year, they are taking the proactive approach and starting good study habits up front.

This is an excellent strategy because often it is only in the first round of school reporting that many busy parents become aware that their child is not achieving at the level they had expected. The child may be doing their homework or set assignment tasks seemingly without difficulty, so the parent thinks that everything is going along smoothly. It is only when the reports start arriving home that they realise things were not quite the way they appeared. Unfortunately, by the time they become aware, several months of the school year have already passed, and bad habits or attitudes have become ingrained.

They may also find that their child is having emotional issues, but may not connect the changes in behaviour with academic issues until the first formal round of school reporting. This is very damaging for their child who, by this time, will have endured weeks of anxiety and feelings of helplessness when all they needed was some additional help with their studies during out of school hours. For example, if they are struggling with maths, a maths tutor will design a program for their needs that will build on what they are learning at school to reinforce the work being done with their teacher.

Starting the school year with a personal tutor gives a child confidence in their own ability, assists them to work through the parts of the curriculum that are causing them difficulty. A good head start, and development of positive habits, helps bring them to a point where they could actually be ahead of their peers. What better way is there to begin the school year?