Getting the most out of study

Is your student struggling to retain the information they spend hours in their room studying for? Or are they still needing that push of motivation to pick up a pen? Whilst not the best task in the world for some students, it is kind of an important one to apply themselves as a student. So, for when the time eventually comes (sorry students…), here’s how to make sure they absorb most of the content they study.

Space out those study sessions. There’s no benefit in cramming to never remember anything the next day. Students spend more time studying, but unfortunately, they’ll only get lesser results as a consequence. Shorts bursts over a longer period of time increases the possibility for absorption. Students might also find that in this tactic, instead of cramming and burning themselves out, they’ll have more motivation.

Write those notes down. A clicky-clacky keyboard won’t do the justice that a pen to paper will. Highlighting might sound like a good idea, but, putting a finger to pen and pen to paper uses different mental processes that highlighting ever could. Having notes in a notebook also creates the ease of studying. Take the book to a coffee shop, take it to work to study in breaks or take it in the car to look over on a car ride. Having everything in one place that’s easy to transport allows for further study and therefore further absorption.

Zzzzzzz zzzzZZ. Yep, get those Zz’s. SLEEP, my friends! It may sound trivial and assumed but most of our students sacrifice sleep for an extra hour of study just to finish that because they’ve ‘just gotta’. To recharge, we all need to sleep. For those aged 14 – 17 years, it’s recommended that they get at least 8 – 10 hours of Zz’s. During sleep, the mind encodes short-term memories into long-term ones. This means, that when students wake up from their beauty sleep, students will have the privilege of recalling the information.

Encourage students to teach what they have learnt. Perhaps you can be the student or a sibling of theirs can be. In teaching what they have learnt, students can break down all the information and test their understanding of the content. Conveying the information and instructing someone else uses mental processes and recall abilities. Ask questions. Prompt their knowledge of a specific process or subject to further test their knowledge of the theory.

Studying is an integral part of any student’s schooling journey. It is what allows students to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations and potential.