Going the Extra-Mile

You either love it or you hate it. For some students, school is not a haven of learning nor a place they thrive in. However, for those motivated and gifted enough to exercise their academic abilities, school can be an encouraging source of inspiration to discover talents and express their intellectual tendencies. For those who find themselves in the latter group, extension work can be an effective way to advance their minds and knowledge.

Completing an extra activity allows students to further their knowledge on the chosen topic. With increased knowledge and possibly a newly developed passion for the concept, students experience a sense of confidence. In being able to educate peers and sometimes even their own educators, students find a new wave of motivation for their studies. The desire to raise a hand or participate in class discussion increases with their knowledge.

In being offered the opportunity to complete further tasks, students also gain the opportunity to learn in the way of their choosing. Whilst a classroom environment allows peers to interact and communicate ideas, some students excel in alternate environments. Taking the task home or completing further reading in a time that suits the student adds to this idea of learning in their own desired way.

Extension work may have been created for the quiet times of a classroom, but it has the ability to uncover a passion. In doing further research, students may find they have a distinct interest and wish to learn more. With this in mind, teachers and tutors may find that the student comes to class with a more present attitude and an increased drive for learning.

The students who thrive at school are most commonly those who finish the task first. Patiently waiting for peers to complete or understand the task leaves a student bored. In having further work to complete, students stay focused and the mindset of working and learning is not overpowered by looking out a window waiting for further information to be presented.

The benefits of extension work are clear. It creates a more positive and proactive student both in the classroom and the outside world. With a focused mindset and a possible new passion detected, students can embrace a new sense of confidence they can carry into tertiary or ‘real world’ endeavours.