Healthy Habits all Students Should Adopt

There are always things we can do better. We all try every year with news resolutions. Whether it’s yoga every day or trying to save up for a new car. We all try to instill new habits that we hope will pay off by the time the next fireworks come around. So before the year is over, why not encourage your students to get a head start! Here are a few things we think students should pick up:

  1. Attendance: I’m sure you’re students have heard of FOMO. For those of you who don’t know, FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. So, if it’s so prevalent amongst the young generation, it’s got to count for something right. So, when the fake cough comes out or your student dramatizes the usual moan and groans of a morning to weasel their way out of a school day, pull out the FOMO card. Keeping up attendance will ensure routine and also make sure your student doesn’t miss out on concepts or material covered in class.
  2. Sleep Pattern: Get them up and at it early! There’s no use in pushing the limits and waking up 5 minutes before the shoes and socks need to be on and out the door. The race to get everything organized will only hurt the day ahead and make for a stressful start for both you and your student. With breakfast sorted, lunch packed and uniform on (bonus points if they even ironed it) students will be up and at em’.
  3. Respecting Teachers and Staff: Being nice will never go unnoticed. A simple wave and hello when you pass fellow teachers and staff is a nice sign of appreciation for all the hours and resources they dedicate to your education and the school. Teachers and staff donate their time to car park duty, lunchtime duty and coaching sports teams among other things that strive to benefit their students.
  4. Sharing is Caring: Now I’m sure we’ve all heard this one and I’m even sure you’ve used it in your household amongst siblings and friends. Learning to share is an important aspect of developing and functioning in society. Having the ability to share pencils or share a book will equip students with the right skills to effectively work and operate as a team with peers.
  5. Active Member of School Community: Enthralling themselves into extra-curricular activities and outside commitments are key to enjoying the school experience. Joining a sports team, volunteering in community service acts or becoming a part of a club can make all the difference. Students can make additional friends, find a sense of belonging and discover new passions or hobbies.