History Offers Opportunities to Rethink the Progress of Civilization

There is a famous saying that goes something like “those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.” A look back at the history of human habitation on this planet would tell us that in some areas we have made miraculous strides and in others, we have hardly progressed beyond the Stone Age. The formal study of history, then, becomes a lens through which we as a collective society can review the past, analyse situations and look for reasons that may help us to shape a different and more positive future. Rather than being a stale subject all about dates, history brings the past to life by recounting actual events.

While there are many students who are able to approach the study of history with a purpose, there are others who find it difficult to become involved with the topic. As they need to have a sound result in history to round off their overall scores, support from a tutor is essential.

The study of history is not confined to just one area of time or geographical location. Ancient History covers the period from the beginning of human history until the early Middle Ages, Modern History the time period from then until the present day. Other types of history include Maritime History, Military History, Natural History and even Big History which starts with the Big Bang. These are only a few of the most common types, but there are a wide range of time periods, geographical locations and subjects available for study.

To study history successfully, a student needs a wide range of skills. Rather than requiring solely a good memory to recall facts and dates, a successful result in history demands research skills, the ability to organise and analyse information, knowledge of referencing requirements, a sound command of language and report writing and the confidence to justify a conclusion. For this reason, struggling history students will appreciate the structure that studying with a tutor can bring.

A tutor can assist them to set up tasks lists and time lines for the submission of assignments, and show them how to use on-line and physical libraries to perform research. The tutor will help them identify the important issues that need to be pulled out from the large quantities of historical data that research inevitably creates. By working with a tutor, students of history will be able to concentrate on the core issues of the subject to get the best result.

History is a fascinating, all-encompassing subject that gives the student the opportunity to learn as much about human behaviour as the facts behind historical events. If every history student was able to bring something positive from their studies into everyday life, the world might be a different place.