How to bring your child back up when they’re down

Handing in an assignment that you’re proud of and the feeling that comes with that achievement can very quickly change when the results come back. Perhaps your child got a great result back but maybe, just maybe, they didn’t get what they wanted or what they think they deserved. They might lose confidence in their ability which can transpire in a lack of motivation. As a support system, responding to this and the reaction you make is integral to how your student reacts to their next assignment.
Showing signs of disappointment or anger won’t help the situation. And to be honest, your student might already be feeling those emotions enough for the both of you. There’s no need to add to it. What you can add is support and encouragement that allows your child to regain their confidence.
It’s not the end of the world, is it? Sure, it’s not going to be the highlight of their day. But by next month, it’s going to be a thing of the past. Keeping that in mind is easy to bring students back to the ground when they blow things out of proportion. At this point, it’s just one bad mark. And if you or they overreact, it’s not going to benefit anyone. Remind them, it’s only a bad mark and it’s not the end of the world.
Turn it into a lesson. It’s an opportunity to teach your student how to deal with situations like this. When they’ve calmed down or accepted the situation, have a chat. Find out what went wrong if something did in fact go wrong. Did they not complete the task correctly? Did they not apply themselves enough? Learning what happened can help you help them to figure it out next time and learn what strategies might work better.
If perhaps your child couldn’t figure out, maybe it’s something that they can’t pinpoint themselves. But I bet their teacher can. The teacher will be able to pinpoint some possible learning issues or difficulties your child might be experiencing in the classroom when you’re not privy to detect these. The teacher should also be able to point you and your child in the way of some useful resources or advice on what you and your support system can do.
Maybe it’s time to revamp their learning environment. Perhaps their environment is no longer quiet or it’s gotten too cramped with a mess or whatever it may be. Take an interest in their learning and how they learn. It’s important for your child to know that you’re invested and want them to achieve. This might make them want to invest in themselves and return the favour.
When the next mark comes around and it’s an improvement, make a note of it! Show how proud you are and reward the progress they’ve already made. Your child will be able to see that learning is exciting. But remember, there’s no need to make a big fuss about the reward otherwise they’ll get hung up on the praise or prize.
And perhaps, when the time is right, why not give one of our tutors a go! Children need support during their schooling, especially when a poor result has rocked their confidence. A tutor can help facilitate and nurse that confidence back to health whilst also getting those results back up to scratch!