How to get Back to School Ready

After a long holiday of relaxing, students often dread or “intentionally forget” that the date to return to school is approaching fast. Sleeping patterns have changed and brains have been switched off. However, it’s time to turn it all around and get your child well-rested and prepared for the school year ahead.

Now that students don’t have to wake up to catch the 7:30 am bus or be ready and waiting in the car by 8:00 am, the time to wake up often drifts closer to lunchtime. Creeping down the hallway still half-asleep at noon is no new sight so don’t be alarmed. These early afternoon wakeups mean late nights are in the equation. So, kick start the sleep routine back into action. Begin a week or two before school implementing normal bedtimes. The first week might take some adjusting, but they’ll be ready and rested for the first week of school.

A new school year means all new supplies. Whether your child loves the annual Officeworks round up or not, taking them with you is a great idea. Not only does it save you the choice between a blue or green pencil case, but it also allows students to get excited for the year. Picking out pencils, highlighters and notebooks are all that creates the fun, but it also provides a sense of responsibility.

Setting up a workspace at home is also another tip to help prepare. Somewhere away from the bedroom and out of the public space of everyone in the household; place a small table and chair. This workspace will act as the designated spot for your child to sit down and study without distraction. As a bonus, the new table’s IKEA flat pack instructions will be enough to get the brain in focus!

Making sure the trips to and from school are clear can also help ease everyone into the school year. Students might have a new meeting place or a new bus to catch; either way, ensuring there is a plan in place leaves no error for the panicked phone call from your child waiting at the bus stop wondering where to go or what to do.

Losing the holiday antics is the main tip to prepare students for classroom life again. Holidays are used as a time to switch off, which can mean switching the 6 hours a day of studying to non-stop binging of TV. Whilst this is a good way to relax the mind, it can create bad habits. Limit the amount of time spent in front of any screen leading up to the beginning of term and students will be able to refocus on the PowerPoints and projectors in the classroom.

For all involved; students, parents and teachers, the holidays are a great way to relax and rejuvenate from the school year just gone. But follow these tips and both you and your student will be ready to combat the year ahead.