How to Help your Student in Isolation

With the current health crisis putting plans on hold, it might be that your student’s education is too. And while the possibility of a few more weeks of school holidays might excite your student, you might be wondering what happens next? It could mean time away from school, but it doesn’t have to mean time away from learning.

The usual 8 am to 3 pm school day might not be enforced but keeping a routine for your student at home will help when they inevitably return to school (much to students’ dismay). Structuring the day to fit in some time to go over concepts or worksheets that were used throughout the first few interrupted weeks of school can keep the brain focused. There may be whining and whinging at first, but in a few weeks when the time comes to put the uniform back on, students won’t feel lost or worried about what they might have forgotten.

With a routine in place, students learning and education might not feel so interrupted. Maintaining motivation whilst studying from home may be one factor that gets in the way of the routine. At school, there are desks, rules and a formal environment for a student to focus. But at home, the desire to play with the dog, annoy the siblings or pester their parents (I’m sure it’s all too familiar) overrides going over that maths worksheet in front of them. Perhaps set aside time in the morning for study, whilst their brains are engaged, to suggest studying or completing a learning exercise. Watching Netflix or playing with the dog can be saved for the afternoon as a reward for all that study!

Locked inside or not, reading is a great way to keep those brains alive. But, with after school activities, social gatherings and family commitments, finding the time to sit down with a good book can often be trying. Enter Isolation. With little activities to do, students now definitely have the time to pick out a book and keep that brain engaged. Whether it’s a picture book or a novel they can’t put down, it’s keeping their learning up and giving you a quiet break at the same time.

And if, in the middle of all this, you’re worried that these tips may be hard to enforce or you know your student will never give up time to annoy the siblings to study, consider our online tuition! Your student can still feel like they are going to school with a one-on-one tutor through our online learning platform. All you need is a laptop and some headphones, and it will be like your student was never isolated at all!