How to maintain motivation for Term 4

With only a few weeks to go before school is out, Term 4 tends to be the time for students when motivation is certainly not at its highest. School holidays are often at the forefront of every student’s mind, leaving schoolwork and commitments behind. However, there are still weeks of the term left, meaning there are lessons to be taught and assignments to be finished.

For the past three terms, students have fallen into the same routine of sleeping, eating, studying and then repeating. After 30 plus weeks of the same routine, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week; things can get a little repetitive. A simple change in routine, like going to bed early, or studying straight after school as opposed to after dinner, can install a new sense of motivation. Changing things up and not completing the same mundane tasks in the same order each day will help the brain recharge and engage in a new way with new content.

Scheduling in downtime and prioritising time for students themselves is also an important aspect in persevering and maintaining motivation. Downtime can include finishing the last episode of the Netflix series or taking time to walk the dog. Completing tasks such as these, eases the mind and in turn, creates a better mind set. With the mind and body relaxed, students can reset to embrace their tasks full of new energy.

With downtime comes the idea of exercise and health. Exercising can be a great way to refocus and realign the brain with the task at hand. A simple walk around the block, or if you’re really committed a 5km run, will again act as a way for your brain to relax and reconfigure. Increasing the heart rate will reduce the worries circling around in students’ heads and help relieve any stress. And as a bonus, exercise will release all the endorphins held up inside, creating for a more positive environment.

Staying on top of everything and making sure to get every task done at the same time can often be stressful. With exercise used to combat the stress, something else that can ease the pain of a heavy term 4 workload, is a reward at the end. Set a reward – something you would like to buy or maybe something you would like to do to motivate you to the finish line. Now with something to look forward to, there is the excitement of reaching the end that is near. Visualising the future in this way and defining a reward or even an end goal can often help with the early wakeups and long study sessions.

Term 4 can often be quite stressful for students, but by implementing some of these devices, stress relief and a better working environment can be achieved. So, stick it out for those last couple weeks of Term 4, because a nice 6-week break awaits at the end.