How to Refocus

As we all emerge from the confines of our houses, we begin to return to our normal lives. For students, returning to normal life now means meeting Term 3. In approaching the tail end of the year, it’s important for students to refocus and set goals for their learning. To help ease students out of holiday mode into work mode, we’ve devised 5 steps to refocus:

  1. Set out the priorities: To refocus, it requires something to focus on. Coming out of holidays, encourage students to define what they want to work on and improve upon. Perhaps it’s a particular concept that students want to overcome or a specific mark or grade that students want to strive for. Regardless of whether the goal is big or small, set it out as something to look forward to and focus energy towards.
  2. What doesn’t need your attention? In any exercise, some aspects steal unnecessary time. Figure out what doesn’t need your attention; activities that don’t need to be worked on or activities that waste time. In removing these unnecessary tasks, students can use more time and use it more effectively to advance their goals and prioritize what needs to be executed to reach these goals.
  3. Remove Distractions: It’s no secret that we all get distracted…even that super studious, intelligent student in the corner…they’re not fooling anyone! But focusing is often extremely hard when there are distractions involved, so we have to remove them. Whether it’s doubt about what you think you can achieve or that smartphone buzzing with every notification, GET RID OF IT!
  4. Do one thing at a time: In multitasking and juggling tasks, students may think they are getting more done. Yet in reality, dividing your focus across multiple tasks doesn’t help to refocus at all. Setting out multiple tasks is fine but make sure to maintain focus on one task and only move on when the task is complete. Students will notice an increase in the quality and efforts of their work by setting out a few tasks but only focusing on one at a time.
  5. Organisation, organisation and I’ll say it again…ORGANISATION! Setting up a workspace and system that is rooted in personal productivity will promote optimal improvement. Possibly it’s a space or it’s a mindset, whatever it may be that students have created and organised for themselves, it’s a way for them to hold themselves accountable.