I’m going to be a senior…but what subjects do I pick?

Becoming a senior is exciting. Your students are rearing the end of their school education and moving into the big leagues of learning. But, first things first, they have to pick their subjects. Now we know they have to do English and Maths, but which ones? General? Methods? Specialist? It can be a bit confusing on what subjects are right for your student, especially when now there is so much to choose from. But not to worry, there is something for everyone.

Find out what is on offer first. You might have heard your nephew mention his marine biology homework and think that’s a good fit for your student. But before you jump the gun, make sure your student’s school offers marine biology too. In some cases, you might even find that you come across something you didn’t know your student could study like psychology or even philosophy.

Next, determine what is compulsory and must be on the list. Almost always, your student will have to undertake English and Maths, but even then, there are a few options to choose from. Other schools might also have Religion as a requirement, of which again you guessed it, there are some options to choose from. Finding out what is compulsory will also help the logistical side of things because now you know how many subjects are left and how many more to choose.

Does your student need specific subjects or skills for their future plans? Whether it be going into tertiary study or straight into the workforce, some prerequisites and requirements might be in place. Students might need a science and a specific one at that so make sure that you and your student are well researched in what needs to be completed to ensure nothing is left out.

If things are still confusing or your student has a few subjects to spare and doesn’t know what to do, pick something they enjoy. It’s no use picking subjects that are all business and no play. The stimulation and motivation won’t be there. Even more so, to keep up the engagement with and in their studies, encourage students to choose subjects that they are good at. Being confident in their abilities and that work paying off is a huge incentive to persevere.

Having variety is also something to consider. Mixing things up and keeping things interesting at school will help further with this motivation. Students might not be all that thrilled with ALL maths and science-related content, so why not chuck in an arts or humanities subject to keep that stimulation and focus at its peak.

Choosing subjects whilst it may be daunting, is also a fun and exciting part of being a senior. Students get to tailor their education to their desires and what they consider to be of value to their learning. If questions persist or you think a little bit of advice wouldn’t go astray consult the student’s guidance or career counsellors…or better yet, seek the assistance of our one-on-one tutors to guide in the decision and further in the development.