Is Uni the only Answer?

The pressures of high school and all that comes along with it can be stressful enough. But it doesn’t stop there. For senior students, the topic of futures and University are words thrown about the classroom on a common basis. For the students who are focused and have their eye on a certain University course, the anxiety subsides. But for those still confused about what’s due next week, it’s a little more difficult. Information events and University events are scheduled by schools to introduce students to the opportunities that are out there once they step out of the school gates. But it’s not all black and white. The opportunities that can be found outside the school gates do not just include University anymore.

University is a great option for those seeking to take paths that require specific degrees and qualifications that the occupation requires. To note, it’s not just reserved for those who got the right score. Bridgestone courses and other studies alike allow those students who didn’t quite reach the mark or prerequisites to have another chance. By completing courses and subjects, the students who maybe once thought they wouldn’t get in, now can.

Getting qualifications is also not limited to University degrees. Students can gain real-world experience and qualifications for a wide range of subjects and occupations. Student can gain certificates and diplomas that translate to different pathways and professions. Students could become enrolled nurses, get qualifications to become a beauty therapist or learn all the skills to begin a career in the business industry. Certificates and diplomas such as this often take a shorter amount of time to complete, accelerating students into the workforce.

In recent years, a gap year has become a popular pathway to take after graduating high school. Not knowing a path to take or a field that a student wants to pursue can be confusing. Taking time off to travel or experience different things outside the routine of 10 plus years of schooling can bring about clarity. Coming back to study or education after 6 or 12 months off can fuel a new sense of motivation in knowing that the time off has shown the pathway they wish to follow.

Heading straight into the field can also benefit students. Getting stuck into a trade and training as an apprentice or finding a reliable job can also be a path. Despite it not being a traditional form of study, students can still have access to new skills and develop by applying themselves straight out of school.

Whether it’s engineering at University or an electrician apprenticeship a student chooses, more pathways are always on offer. It’s common for students to chop and change courses or jobs. The pressures of high school and graduating can add weight to the shoulders, but the pathways at the end can be endless.