JUST IN: Student’s don’t Benefit from Pulling an All-nighter

If that title came as a shock to you, then you must be a student reading this. If you’re anyone else, you already knew. All-nighters can’t be good for you. They might sound fun at a fifth-grade sleepover, but the night before an exam? Really? Our answer, surely not.

If you’re unsure of the term or activity that is an ‘all-nighter’, let me explain. Essentially, it’s in the name. Students stay up all night (you guessed it), without even a peep of shut eye to either cram for an exam or finish an assignment. This all happens before the impending deadline that is the next morning.

Now, there’s no excuse for students who partake in this type of foolery. I’m sure your teachers gave you deadlines and I’m sure they even reminded you of its due date. So why then are you up at 3 am fighting the urge to sleep to finish an assignment that should have been finished and left to edit the week leading up to it?

I hope that by now you’re convinced it’s a bad idea. But if more convincing is what you need, extra convincing coming up!

The perceived reputation that comes with pulling an all-nighter is not cool. It doesn’t give you a badge of honour nor does it give you an almighty power above your fellow naïve peers.

Your sleeping pattern is way out of whack. Consecutive all-nighters being pulled can mean a new sleeping pattern. And a sleeping pattern that does not compliment a student’s lifestyle.

You won’t be productive. You’re too busy thinking about the crevice you’re going to make later in your un-made bed. So whilst you’re thinking about your 300-cotton count sheets, your teacher is trying to teach you a new Maths concept that inevitably is lost in ‘your plans for later’ thinking.

Thankfully, whoever, whatever, however, designed this earth we find ourselves on, they stipulated that when we say goodbye to the sun and hello to the moon, it means that we also say goodbye for a few hours or two. So why would you want to stay up long enough to say hello to the sun again, only to find you never even said goodbye or goodnight more like yourself? The moral of the story you may ask, well, it’s unhealthy.

All-nighters should be used to impress people nor be the hope of students’ terrible time management. Organise your time better and get rid of those unnecessary tasks. Don’t be a showoff in the pursuit of cramming. It won’t serve your ego or your goals.