Lessons in Geography Show the Versatility of Personal Tutors

With parents desperate to give their children every educational opportunity, the use of personal tutors to supplement the work done by teachers in schools and universities continues to grow in popularity. Once the province of the well-to-do, ordinary families are now rearranging priorities to ensure the funds are available to engage personal tutors for their children. While mathematics, science and English are generally the most in-demand topics, any subjects in the school curriculum can be requested of tutors. It is important, of course, that students do as well as they can in every subject to give them the best chance of a well-rounded result.

With the crowded school curriculum now a cause for concern in many educational circles, the chance that an under-performing student may fall through the cracks is higher than ever. Personal tutors are trained to deal with most requests for subject assistance.

Geography is a particularly interesting choice and is available in most secondary schools in Australia. However, it is often seen as a less than important choice and one that a student might make just to attain the subject numbers. However, geography is actually a fascinating subject and one that an interested student could really become involved in.

The word “geography” was first used in ancient Greece, and is the science that studies the lands, features, inhabitants and phenomena of Earth. It has been taught for centuries in various forms, but modern geography is an all-encompassing discipline that tries to understand the Earth and all of its human and natural interactions. It is divided into two main disciplines – human or cultural geography and physical geography. Cultural geography is the study of human culture and how it impacts on the earth, while physical geography seeks to understand the natural features of the earth.

Geography is the answer to the earliest questions likely asked by humans when they surveyed the landscape and wondered what was over the horizon. Exploration, the discovery of new cultures, places and new ideas have always been at the heart of geography and those who have devoted their lives to its study. It has been called the “mother of all sciences,” since most other scientific disciplines evolved from discovering other places and other people and led to fields such as biology, anthropology, geology, astronomy, chemistry and others.

There is no doubt that parents and carers have recognised the value of personal tutors to assist their charges do as well as they can educationally. If their students are becoming a little disinterested in their extra-curricular studies, throwing in a component of geography could liven up the mix.