Maths Tuition Gives Every Child An Extra Advantage

Every responsible parent wants to give their child the opportunity to be the best that they can be, and to have multiple options when it finally comes to choosing a career. An essential part of this desire is the quality of the education the child receives, whether in the public or private system. With demand for talented people increasing in the jobs that require solid results in mathematics such as engineering, mining and construction, it is more important than ever, that children do well in mathematics. The schools can only do so much, and parents are increasingly turning to additional tuition to improve their child’s results.

Private tuition has been an aid to parents for some years now, especially to assist a student who was struggling at school. However, Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors are now being accessed for top students to consolidate their learning and get them ahead of the field in the competition for the best university places.

Most private tuition organisations are able to offer a range of services to parents which cater for all levels of maths understanding and knowledge. There is no discrimination or negativity attached to the use of private tutors, which is sometimes an issue for students who are going to remedial classes at school and being singled out by their peers as a result. For the student to be able to develop the knowledge and understanding of mathematics at their own pace provides a huge increase to their self-confidence which flows right through other aspects of school and sporting endeavours.

For the extremely bright student, lack of challenge in the standard school curriculum often results in boredom. If this is not recognised and strategies put in place to counteract it, the result can be an otherwise good student whose behaviour suddenly deteriorates, and becomes a disciplinary issue that the parents are not able to understand or deal with. Private tutoring provides the opportunity for exceptional students to become involved in challenging work and projects, stimulating their imagination and improving their behaviour and self-esteem.

Exam preparation is another area where Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors can assist students. This is best done well in advance of the actual exam period, so that the student not only has an opportunity to develop a good relationship with the tutor, but to have areas of weakness identified. Once this has happened, the tutor is able to develop programs for the student that will help with revision and explanation of concepts not understood. The result often is an exam result that is well above what the student has previously achieved.

Mathematics is an important skill to have for the workforce of the future. People with solid maths skills will continue to be in demand as the resources sector expands and the sciences take precedence over the softer disciplines. Money spent now on maths tuition will be the best investment a parent can make.