Personal Tuition for the Overachiever

There are many students already at the top of their class who use personal tuition to achieve a level of education over and above their current grade. They may be aiming higher to get a scholarship or for the super-competitive, just to test themselves against their peers. As a professional sports person uses a trainer to hone their skills, a personal tutor can assist a student who is already performing to develop beyond their current level. The benefits of this type of support are immeasurable, and the rewards for the student include having access to opportunities and career paths that may have previously been closed to them.

By spending time with the student on an individual level, a personal tutor is able to develop a personalised study environment that suits the student’s learning style, and fits in around other activities in their life. The tutor can also assist to identify goals and encourage the student to develop a set of learning tools such as structured study habits, sound time management and the ability to prioritise.

It should be understood here that an overachiever does not necessarily equal happy and successful. It is possible to be academically brilliant at the expense of social and personal relationships. This is an area that a personal tutor could assist the student with, by helping them to identify the real driving forces in their life, and channel those energies into vocational and career choices that not only give them the professional accolades they crave, but also the personal rewards as well.

Overachievers often need a steadying force in their lives, as their core emotional drivers can easily overwhelm them and send them in a direction they may not really want to go. Sometimes a parent, older sibling or teacher can be that steadying force, but in the absence of any of these influencers, a personal tutor can provide valuable guidance in this role. The nature of the relationship provides opportunities for learning exercises that can not only enhance academic performance but also personal development at the same time.

It is important in these situations to ensure that the choice of a personal tutor is well considered and researched. A smart tutor is essential, but it is just as important to ensure a reasonable match of personalities and temperament between the potential tutor and the student.

There is no doubt that personal tuition can assist the overachiever to higher levels of academic performance. However, it can also, in the right hands, help to ground the student and provide them with self-management techniques that will be useful throughout life.