Podcasts: Approve or Disapprove?

Are you up to date with the world’s latest technical advancements? If you answered yes, then you have probably heard of a thing called a podcast. If you answered no, you’re probably confused and have no idea what we’re all talking about. Well for those of us who are confused, a podcast is an audio file, usually spoken by an individual or group, in which it can be downloaded or subscribed to, to receive information, updates and discussion about certain topics. So now we’ve got all the boring stuff out of the way, do we approve or disapprove for students? Well, we approve and here is why:

  1. Just for you – the information relayed in podcasts seems like a conversation or debate between you and those on the podcast. It’s a smart and easy way to make the information seem personal. In receiving information this way, it makes it more intimate and more likely to get students to engage if they think it’s one-on-one, just like our tuition!
  2. Flexible and Convenient – on the bus? Listen to a podcast. Driving home from school? Listen to a podcast. Doing the weekly grocery shop? Listen to a podcast! The opportunities to listen to a podcast are endless. Just like listening to music, podcasts are a great way to consume information whilst completing mundane tasks. So, whilst your students are completing their weekly and daily tasks and chores, why not encourage a podcast to go with it! It increases productivity and might even get that cleaning done a little faster for you!
  3. They’re free! – Yep! You heard us, no cost. Your student won’t come to you with batting eyes in the hopes of an impending purchase because they can get it cost-free! Access to resources like these that are free and informational will always be beneficial to a student’s education.
  4. Take them anywhere – That thing that they always have in their hot little hands, yes, their smartphone, it’s full of podcasts! Whether its Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any of the other outlets that offer podcasts to listening ears, it’s portable and accessible. Students can listen to their favourite podcasts and get information at the click of a button anywhere they would like at any time they would like.
  5. There’s something for everyone – Maybe your student is into crime. Maybe they like catching up on advances in the science world. Or maybe they turn to podcasts for an update on current affairs and news. It doesn’t matter because there is something for all students. The list of podcasts and topics are endless so even when your student thinks that podcasts aren’t for them, there are definitely some out there for them!

Podcasts are a great way for students to combine their love of audio/music with education!