Preparing for Term 2

10 weeks down! At this time, the holidays might not have the same thrill or excitement they usually do. Being unable to catch up with friends and go out to movies, changes the way students can now celebrate the current school holidays. Whilst term 2 and what that involves for your student is uncertain, the school holidays are not a chance to switch off. After all, there are still three terms to go.

Switching off and forgetting about the responsibilities of school may be tempting, but when school comes back around its effects can be detrimental. The exact schedules and operations of the impending school term are not confirmed or known. But … there still is a term and then two more to come. Ensuring that students are aware that the way school functions might change, but that their attendance and the reality of school are still intact will help reinforce the mentality that holidays only last two weeks.

Now, the school holidays are holidays. They might not be the same or have the freedom to complete all the normal activities that families and students allocate this time to do. However, these two weeks are still a time for students to recharge for term 2. Allow students to catch up on the latest Netflix shows or spend the day in bed. In this time that students would normally be out and about socialising, it’s important to allow them to do those things, just inside. Not only will it let them refocus for the learning ahead, but it will also emphasise the new ‘normal’ that students now find themselves in.

The possibility of online school for term 2, seems to be within reach. For some, it is daunting and for others, it’s a chance to sleep in an extra 10 minutes. Either way, getting to know the program your school is set to use can help ease the transition. Sitting down with your student and going through the functions of the software will also help. Becoming comfortable with how the program operates and how to use it can help to ensure that when the time comes, your student will get the most out of their education.

Just like when any new school term comes around, the routine and structure of the days change. A couple of days before, the later bedtimes that have eventuated from holidays are put back to the normal time, the screen time is reduced and the conversation switches to what the new term brings. Being in isolation and approaching an online term means no different. Reissuing the normal routine of school will assist with students adjusting to studying online and at home.

So, whilst the exact details of the upcoming term are not defined, approaching it with the usual mindset that a new school term warrants, is important with the transition. The transition may bring with it some difficulties and anxieties, but it is important to practice the usual duties and responsibilities that school expects.