Preparing to go back to school

I can only imagine the moans and sighs of disappointment that can be seen when the idea of going back to school comes around. They have weeks off and yet it still doesn’t seem like enough time to want to go back, for most children at least. Be happy if you’ve got one of the lucky ones! But if you didn’t score in that department and you’re still getting the moans, see if these will help:
Now, we’re not judging, but we’re guessing that their bedtime routine or routine, in general, has changed over the last few weeks. From late-night family catchups over Christmas to sleepovers with friends, it’s bound to happen. But it’s a good idea to re-establish that bedtime routine that aligns with the school lifestyle. To coax back into their early bedtime why not plan activities for the morning rather than later in the day as both an incentive to go to sleep and to possibly tire them out ready for bed later.
With the bedtime routine out the window, tasks and expectations of the household can also go with it. But, make sure you set out the expectations of the household before school gets back to re-establish that routine as well. Put a planner on the fridge and put on the outlined household chores or events of the week. Maybe even get your children to write a list with you and stick it up for everyone to see to everyone knows the expectations.
Make sure they’re organised. It’s the perfect time to get out with the old and bring in the new with the new school year. Throw out any toys or clothes that aren’t being used anymore and either sell them for pocket money or give them to charity. Once it’s gone, why not let your child pick some new stationery or posters to go on the wall and set up a new space and mindset for the year ahead.
Now, if after they’re organised and back in routine the nerves are still there, it’s time to calm those nerves. It’s no surprise that at the start of the year, the anxiety can be heightened. Ask them how they’re feeling and listen to what they have to say, free of judgement. Try bringing up all the fun and positive things they like about school, but at the same time be careful not to dismiss their anxious thoughts. Arranging some play dates with school friends can ease the anxiety of the first day back at school, maybe even walking in with them.
The start of the year offers a fresh start for students, so help them get organised for what is ahead!