Reading – The Ultimate Escape

Have you ever felt bogged down, perhaps in a rut or maybe even overwhelmed with what life has dished up to you at the moment? Sometimes, and often without reason, people can be overcome with a desire to just run away, escape and hide from the world. For a lucky few the possibility of real, physical escape is a possibility, but fear not, there is an escape for the average non-millionaire also; perhaps even a better one. It costs nothing but time to visit a local library and discover the next reading adventure.

Books are so much more fascinating than films. Reading a book, there are no boundaries to imagination such as those set by movie directors, who engineer every scene to perfection which leaves no room for a personal idea of the character or the exciting mystery of imagining their voice, or mannerisms or everything about them. Reading, however, is a personal creation, guided by the words of an author but brought to life in vivid technicolour by the mind of the reader. The most magnificent scenery can be conjured up, the heroine can be as exotic, demure and as gorgeous as the mind’s eye can imagine and of course, the hero can be oh, so handsome and debonair. If the story is sad there is no rule against skipping to the end to ensure a satisfactory conclusion. Sometimes that is the best way to read some books as the only great part is how they manage to untangle their web of intrigue.

It is surprising how reading can develop someone’s outlook, broaden their horizons, and challenge their ideas and ideals. For many people it can be a dauting feat to attempt to conquer a novel 1200 pages thick, but therein lies the beauty of reading; there is something on offer for everyone. Stories of fairies and faraway places reach out to tickle the imaginations of some readers whereas other bookworms search for autobiographies to be inspired by the lives of real people. Either option can introduce new, rather more obscure people and their battles, scars and triumphs of life to those who flick through the pages of these stories. If one tires of a particular genre, there is infinitely more waiting to be discovered.

Reading truly is the ultimate escape. At the beginning it’s probably not all that significant what you read as long as you’re reading. It is as you read that you discover the world around you, its enchantment and the people who make it go around. Have an escape soon.