School goals for 2022

Setting goals at the start of the school year will help set the tone for students academically. It helps keep students accountable during the year too. If they start to slack off or lose focus, reminding them of the goals they set out themselves might set them straight.

Now let’s remember, these goals don’t always have to be based on academics or goal-focused. They could be more geared towards improvements in behaviours to then improve something that can contribute to academics. It could be a change in focus for habit-based goals. Whereas for a goal directly linked to grades, it could be achieving a total B plus in English at the end of the year. These goals set students up with motivation and a strong sense of determination before the school year has even started.

It can be easy as an outsider to inflict your own views onto your students when creating their goals. But for them to be motivated by them and want to achieve them, children need to come up with their own goals. Ask them what they want to achieve and why do they want to achieve this, delve a little deeper. Problem-solving is also a part of goals, so introduce the idea that challenges may present themselves. How are they going to problem solve in those situations? Try and brainstorm some solutions together.

Once they’ve determined a few goals, break it down. You may choose to break these down into milestones or perhaps in accordance with a timeline. Not only does breaking it down seem a little more tangible, but it’s also easy to visualize. Write it down and pop it on the fridge for your child remind them each day what they’re working to achieve.

With it now on the fridge, it’s also another reminder not to give up. Creating goals before the school year starts, it’s a long way until they’re achieved. It can be easy to lose sight or lose your way towards the end when the goal was made a while ago.

However, if it does happen that they get to the end and what they set out to achieve didn’t quite eventuate don’t take this opportunity to shame or be disappointed. If it hasn’t quite been planned out how they wanted, take it as an opportunity to teach them a lesson and discuss it. This type of thing can often motivate them in the future and create more catered goals to this. Making new goals might also boost their confidence and motivation for next year or for what is upcoming.