Self-Care is the new A-Plus

I am always an advocate for a hard-earned face-mask-chocolate-in-the-bathtub kind of night. And now the experts are telling us that it’s good for academic success, I think hell yes!
Often as a student, you can get stuck up in the study and the books, but do you think they consider their health? Or their wellness? As a good guess, I’d vote option A, because no, they definitely do not. Neglecting their health and all-around wellness creates bad habits. These bad habits make it hard to break them and form healthier behaviours.
There’s a lot more to wellness and self-care than just physical needs. Maybe it means connecting with friends and communities at school. Get involved in school activities and things that promote joy for students. Involving yourself with people that are like-minded and share the same interests can do wonders for a student’s wellbeing.
We say it time and time again, but for old times sake, we’ll say it again, exercise. Not only is it for the physical benefits, but for mental and overall wellness too. Being out in nature too can enhance student’s mood and get motivation levels up. Plus, there’s a range and a half of activities you can do outside for exercise, so start a checklist students!
Wellness and self-care also entail what goes in. A good diet is a great recipe for student’s wellness and therefore their academic performance. We know that chips and chocolate taste good, but do they do anything for our brain function? Probably not if we want to get the best grades! Eating foods that lack nutritional value can often cause fatigue. Whilst we’ll allow it on your hard-earned face-mask-chocolate-in-the-bathtub kind of night, perhaps swap the chocolate out for an apple next time to boost that energy and concentration.
Hit the hay! We know all-nighters are all the rage these days, but trust me they’re actually not. To make sure our wellness is up to scratch we’ve got to make sure that we’re getting enough sleep. Stick to a bedtime routine and reap the benefits of a good night’s sleep.
Anxiety plays a key role in our mental wellness. And if anxiety is a common feeling your student records, why not lead them towards meditation. Meditation teaches you how to switch off and find what the experts call your moment of ‘Zen.’
So, break out the face masks people, we’re practising self-care! Academic success can stem from things like good physical and mental wellness, which is where the self-masks, meditation, good diet, all those types of things come in. So why not give it a go!