Should I get my Student Help?

Unless you’re in the classroom with your student each day, it can be tricky to determine whether they are struggling or not. Even more so, it can be hard to pick whether or not they are struggling more than the other students or if their struggle is part of the challenge. Perhaps there’s the added struggle of having no or little communication with the teacher, meaning they can’t communicate or indicate the need to seek further help. Not to worry, after years in the business we’ve compiled together our top signs of when it’s right to bring your children in!

  1. Are they struggling with the basics? Have you noticed your student failing to improve because of their lack of understanding of the fundamentals? In this situation, students will find it difficult to progress if they can’t use and implement the basics of the subject or concept. This can often be the first sign for parents to indicate for them to keep an eye out.
  1. Focusing is a hard task. Perhaps external factors contributing to this one, but let’s be real, it’s kind of essential to this whole learning thing. Even if it means focusing on non-academic tasks, it might mean practising focus and attention. Start with small things, like cooking or tasks that you can watch and notice their distraction level with. Just being aware of things like this can be mean the difference in starting to assist your child’s education now or later (and then it might be too late).
  2. They need to spice it up. Is your student not feeling challenged? Maybe you think that they could benefit from learning new skills or concepts. Or you would like to introduce them to new perspectives or ways of approaching problems. In the same way that every student is different, we can’t expect every teacher to be the same. Your student’s focus and grasp at the basics might be up to standard but their teacher’s way of teaching or describing something just won’t stick. Seeking another intellectual, that’s maybe a bit younger or went through a similar curriculum might be the key to having things explained a little better.
  3. They’ve got an important exam coming up. For some students, a school entrance or scholarship exam could be right around the corner. In that case, maybe not everyone in their classroom is completing the same things. So, it might be that your student needs someone to devote their time and energy to focus on one topic or a particular set of questions. Even if the teacher is involved, getting an extra set of hands in to help the cause won’t hinder or halt the student’s progress.
  4. They enjoy learning. It can be easier to spot the signs of when a student needs tuition because they’re struggling. But can’t there also be times where students want tuition? They want tuition because they like independent subjects, they want a challenge, or they like to hand in their assignments at the very best standard they can be. These types of students are always welcome to a little bit of help, no matter their excellence or academic ability.

With trained, screened and committed tutors, your student will benefit from our one-on-one experience. Bringing your child in is just the first and exciting step. We’re here to help solidify the basics, get that focus back into gear and assist in any way we can. Tuition not only provides tools for students in their education now, but it can be beneficial in the future too. So, if after reading all this (I do hope you’ve gotten to the end), and you think perhaps your student falls into one or more categories, contact us today!