Struggling for a career? Ever thought of these?

There are always new ideas popping up all over the place. New inventions, new ideas for businesses and new ways of going about in the workplace. With all the newness going on, students might get confused and forget what opportunities and potentials lie in the face of this newness. So, to make sure their judgements don’t get clouded or the university magazines don’t block out all the opportunities, here are a few career paths we think current students could consider.

In a world where climate change and global warming is a hot topic (get it, hehe), there’s a whole range of jobs dedicated to its cause. Whether or not they are new concepts, they have certainly brought about new possibilities in the workforce. With an ongoing debate, there’s always more research that can be done. Researching and analysing the current world and its inhabitants is an opportunity students may never thought they could do, but now they can! These kinds of jobs allow students to benefit the planet around them as well as educate others of its benefit.

Technology – it’s everywhere. It’s in the car, in the living room and I bet it may even be in your hand right now. It’s right in front of us all the time. These kinds of jobs will never not be needed. We are becoming a society that relies on and works with the opportunities that technology provides. Understanding and furthering these processes are in high demand and are reliable career paths. There are opportunities for programming and coding where students could find themselves being a web designer or developer. Even better, is that most workplaces require an IT guru. So, students might find themselves combining two industries that they love into one career path that they will adore.

We’ll never not need doctors or nurses or physios or anyone that has a say in the health and wellness of our society. I’m sure that if anything, this year and its pandemic has taught us to appreciate and value the services and sacrifices our health practitioners make to benefit the good of others. Not only is it needed, but it’s a very rewarding career choice.

If you’ve enjoyed your journey through education and schooling, why not be part of someone else’s enjoyment? Teaching is another rewarding career choice that can offer benefits to others and yourself. One nice benefit is all those school holidays! Some of which you might be spending marking or creating lesson plans, but none the less, they are holidays! Being a teacher also offers the benefit of being able to travel and teach in different states, towns or even countries. You’ll never be out of a job and you’ll have a chance at creating the fun education and class environment you were able to enjoy.

It’s okay to not know what you want to do. At 17 or 18, there’s a whole chunk of life ahead of you. But at some point in the future, a job might be in the plan. Having an idea of what you are interested and passionate about will assist in making that decision.