Summer activities for everyone!

With school done for the year, the school holidays offer the whole family a chance to have some fun together. The benefit of the summer holidays often means nice weather, so if you’re close to the beach that’s always a great option. But for those that maybe don’t have the option to escape in the heat, we’ve got some other fun activities for the Summer and school holidays. The best thing is they’ll keep the children learning whilst on holiday!
With boxing day the obvious day for sales, why not go along? I bet your child got either some money or a gift card from Santa and that burning hole in their pocket wants to spend it. Something good before you go is to get them to write a list of what they would like to buy, perhaps getting their Christmas list back out to cross off the things they didn’t receive. When they’ve nailed down what they would like to purchase, they can find the best deals to best spend their money on and use this as a lesson to take on.
If your child is still getting the basics of their learning down, the holidays are a great way to occupy them with fun activities that can help those basics along. Using some colour pieces of paper, ask your child to fold or cut the piece of paper into certain sized sections. Together you can work out what fraction they’ve created and cut or fold it further to create more. Not only do they learn further, but they can also see a visual representation of how fractions work.
Use time as a competitive method in activities or games the family decide to play. Encourage them to break their own record. Perhaps they like swimming or sprinting or how far they can jump across the front lawn. All of these can be timed with a stopwatch or I’m sure that you’re reading this from your smartphone, so there are no excuses parents! As long as they’re aware it’s not about performance or winning, then it will all be in good fun. As a bonus for their maths teacher, they’ll come to school with a whole new understanding of time and recording results perhaps!
Go somewhere you or the family has never been! Has there ever been a time when you’ve driven past a street or particular place you’ve always wanted to go but maybe forgotten? Look it up on the map together and see how long it will take to get there. How many km’s away is it? Can you walk or bike there? What can you do there? Once you’ve got the day worked out, you can all go together and enjoy a new mystery place that you may even come back to.
Is your family travelling or doing something special these holidays? Why not start a blog! Your children can maybe even add their own spin on their travels and add to it. It allows them to put their own perspective out there in a way that is fun and creative. It’s something that if you post online, they’ll also be able to look back at this time in a few years and reminisce.
Now, if the weather isn’t living up to its’ summer standards, then this next one is great for that. If you’ve got a creative child on your hands, something they might like to do is rearrange their bedroom or make a change. Perhaps it’s just as simple as moving the furniture around or maybe it’s a new colour of paint to liven up the room again. Set out a budget and a plan of what the end result will look like and work together towards it. It might even give them a reason to keep the room nice and tidy (you can only hope).