Technology, is it taking over your child?

Are you worried your child is spending too much time on their iPad, phone, laptop or the list of other devices that control our lives today? Are they dependent on the little blue light monsters? It’s never a bad idea to take a break. Refresh from a life of tapping on a screen and unplug. Here are some ways we suggest to do so.

Visit a library. The concept of a library might be a little foreign for those tech-hungry kids but enlighten them. There’s something about walking through a room full of books that can’t be beaten. The smell of the books, the architecture of the buildings and the buzz of literature in the air will be a whole new experience. Letting kids freely explore around the halls and weaving in and out of the shelves may be more fun than what they thought. With the added task of a library card and time-based responsibilities, students can learn some new discipline skills at the same time.

Ever heard the phrase ‘the book was better’ when you’re referencing a movie? Why not get your child to read it? Perhaps their favourite movie is Harry Potter, in which case, they’ve got a lot of pages to flick through. The length and depth that a novel goes into about the characters or the story just can’t be appreciated in a 120-minute film. Students might even find a passion for reading along the way.

Why don’t you take part in the unplugging yourself? Step away from the screen as a family. Create a phone stack or play a game and hide each other’s phones (remembering where you put them of course…). Stepping away as a whole can give some quality time for the family, allowing students to reset and refocus. In setting an example for your students, students can recognise technology as an accompanying tool, something that can enhance their lives, but something that is not a necessity.

Experience all that the outdoors has to offer. In not relying on technology, students can open their eyes to what surrounds them. Perhaps a mountain climb might be on the agenda. Alternatively, students can organise a day at the beach with friends. Activities away from technology allow for students to see the possibilities and potential that can be found without a device attached to their hands.

Whilst the internet and its platforms can enhance lives, it’s a good idea to promote students and users to use it as a building block or foundation. Research things, then apply them in the real world without the need for technology to execute the task. Stepping away and letting students discover what is beyond the blue light of their device can create new motivations and passions that can be brought into their learning.