The importance of continuing tuition when entering high school 

Your child has gotten through primary school and their academic prospects are looking up, so why continue tutoring? If you originally hired a tutor for your child because they were struggling, it may be tempting to stop these sessions when you see improvements in their grades. However, when it comes to tutoring, consistency is key. It’s not just about improving their grades, it’s about giving your child confidence and the chance to actually enjoy themselves while learning. Here are some more reasons why your child should continue tutoring into high school.

Moving into high school can be tough  

A lot is changing in your child’s life. The school work will be getting tougher, they are surrounded by new people in a new place and soon they now have to seriously think about their future. Keeping your child in tutoring can help provide a point of stability for them over this difficult transition.

Build Confidence 

Confidence is vital to your child’s future success. Confidence will help them build meaningful relationships and lead a happier life. Providing a safe environment for your child to build their confidence is important, and regular tutoring sessions can provide this environment. Personal tutoring can give your child a chance to ask more questions and gain specialised attention towards areas they may be confused with. A little confidence can go a long way when it comes to academic success.  Providing your child with regular tutoring sessions throughout high school will allow them to maintain their confidence even when schooling gets more challenging.

Broaden Horizons 

One unique benefit that personal tutoring offers for your child is the ability to go off the curriculum. A personal tutor can foster and grow your child’s interests in more specialty subjects. If your child has an interest in history, why not get a tutor that specialises in history allowing them to broaden their interest further than school ever could? Or if they have an interest in Japan, why not get a language tutor to teach your child Japanese? Customising your child’s tutoring to complement their interests and strengths is a great way to supplement their education and open doors for them in the future.

 Improve University Prospects 

Now that your child is in high school, it will be no time at all until they are applying for university. Depending on your child’s interests, a university course can be tough to get into with poor academic performance. That’s why it is even more important than ever to continue improving your child’s performance in school through tutoring. While tutoring can allow your child to go off curriculum and develop their interests, it can also allow them to focus on getting that prized place in their desired university course. Continuing tutoring can help your child achieve their dreams.  

 It is important during the shift between primary and high school to keep some level of continuity. The best way to do this is to continue your child’s tutoring. Tutoring will improve their confidence and their academic performance setting them up to succeed in university. If your child has already partaken in some tutoring sessions with Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors, give us a call today so we can discuss a tutoring schedule that will benefit your child in the next stage of their education.