The Importance of Grammar

An email to a colleague, a text message to a loved one or a simple comment on Facebook, are three examples of communication. Communication is at the centre of most things we do in life; how would you ever get your favourite meal at a restaurant if you couldn’t communicate with the staff?  The answer is simple, you couldn’t; the same goes for written communication. Typos, misspelt words or poor punctuation can take away from the meaning you’re trying to convey. It’s important to make sure these skills are solid from a young age, starting at none other than school.

Grammar and correct styling make sure that everyone who reads it understands the message. Unfortunately, due to the increased applications and opportunities of technology, students rely on predictive text and computers to fix the red squiggly line underneath their essays. No longer do students understand why there is a missing apostrophe or why the sentence isn’t clear. However, it’s something worth focusing on. Making sure there are no typos or tiny errors in a text, email or essay will make understanding it, a whole lot easier.

Good grammar and correct punctuation will also help students to give off a good impression. Whether they are writing an essay for an assignment or placing an application to tertiary study, the person who reads it will notice. Having silly errors or common mistakes will inflict upon the grade of the essay, no matter how good the content. A grammatically correct written piece will show to any reader that the student takes time perfecting the details because they are interested in their education.

For students looking to broaden their horizons, maybe from international waters, good grammar is the first key step. In learning a second or new language, it can be difficult to pick up the tropes and conventions of pronunciations and meanings. But, by making sure that the foundational work of their first language (most likely English) is down pat, learning to roll the r or conjugate Italian verbs will ease the process.

Despite grammar and punctuation being the core of communication, believe it or not, teachers can often skip over the rules. Focus can be moved towards the content rather than how to correctly express and structure the content. Seeking help with basic literacy skills and rules will help students in the long run. Getting in quick to master the art of grammar will benefit the learning process for the student as they transverse into higher education and academic endeavours.