The Need for a Fun, Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

The ideas of classrooms have changed over time. Once they were small rooms inhabited by tiny wooden desks, but now they are often large interactive spaces for children to continue learning. But now it’s not just the layout of the space that’s important, it’s what goes on that plays a big part in your child’s learning.

It’s no secret that teachers are the rulers of their classrooms, but the main takeaway is that they use their power to create a supportive environment amongst all students. One aspect that contributes to this is the relationship between a teacher and their students. Having students slouched in the corner scared to participate is one atmosphere where no good learning can come from. A sense of respect between teacher and student must be established so everyone can reach their learning goal.

Relationships between teachers and students are vital to a positive environment but so is the interaction and communication between students. Students can find common ground in the idea that they are all learning and striving towards a goal. This common ground established by students helps the classroom as students now all get along (hopefully). It’s important then that the differences of each student can be both embraced and celebrated which contributes to the supportive aspect of the environment.

One thing that stops most classrooms from being a haven to enter is the judgement in the air. No one wanting to share answers or participate in the conversation is one heavy burden. Students can often feel like their suggestion is wrong or they will be laughed at for having an opinion in an unsafe and judgmental environment. With the teacher’s help, a welcoming and supportive environment can be developed. Students will feel a sense of belonging when supported for their opinions. They will feel encouraged to embrace challenges in their studies and not feel defeated if a mistake is made.

I know it’s not always fun to have ground rules and they can often seem like a bit of a downer, but for a fun and supportive learning space, they’re important. At the start of the year, most classrooms define some set rules that will work in ensuring this positive atmosphere. These rules could include always accepting opinions or respect all that participate, but either way, they make sure that everyone learning in the classroom is doing so in a fun-filled environment.

But as parents, don’t think that you’re not off the hook. Embracing education and learning at home will also help create a positive and supportive attitude. Helping your student keep focused or studying in a fun creative way will all help in the end to make sure that your student embraces the learning experience in a fun and supportive environment.