The Need for New Study Habits for Senior School In QLD

With a new system on the horizon, students should begin implementing new study habits to help with the change sooner rather than later. Encouraging study and a new routine to approach the new assessments ahead will further their learning and confidence.

As a foundation to study, the environment and surroundings impact upon the value of study performed. A loud noisy room with lots of people fidgeting and circling the perimeter is not the ideal space to absorb and process content. However, a quiet, well-lit minimal space will promote engagement. Another contributing factor to the study environment is technology and the nagging of social media. Either removing the phone from the situation altogether or limiting the time spent on it will also have a great positive impact on the quality of study performed.

Constant revision is a key habit that will contribute to a successful overall result. With more content covered in external assessments, reinforcing the day’s work is now even more prevalent. Additionally, with more content then too comes the importance for solid and legible notes. Clear, distinct and now due to an adjustment in assessment, additional notes, will help in ensuring the student is prepared and full of knowledge.

Each student learns differently and cannot be expected to study as much or in the same way as a sibling or friend. Different approaches or measures may have to be taken to ensure that the student is utilising their study sessions to the fullest. For some, writing hand notes may trigger thoughts and instigate memory. Whilst for others, simply revising and looking over a past exam or PowerPoint of notes is enough. Assisting in determining what works best for your child is something that will contribute to better studying patterns and habits.

With consistency across the state now, communicating and connecting with other students is also a study habit that could be employed within student’s routines. Social media, despite its distracting efforts in a studying environment, can allow for students to share notes and learn together with students outside their own classroom. Different explanations and additional resources are something that can be attained and built upon through these connections.

Considering the new curriculum, an extremely helpful tool is getting in the habit of revising and completing past exam and sample papers. Sample papers allow students to not only revise the content but prepare them for the conditions of the exam. Students will learn how particular questions are set out, learning from there how to approach them.

The curriculum may have changed, however, the importance of studying and revision has not. Keeping up a routine in a positive and distraction-free environment with the help of enough sleep is a habit all senior QLD students can demonstrate.