Top 10 Things to Get before Students go back to School

Whether you’ve been frolicking around a White Christmas or soaking up the sun here at home, the quick change from holidays to school can be stressful. Getting everything organised from timetables to lunchboxes can put you out of holiday mode. Schools often hand out nifty little book lists or checklists to make sure everything is sorted, but it’s hard to know if you need everything on the list. To make life easier for everyone, and maybe even let you soak in the sun a bit longer, we’ve collected our top 10 things to get ready for back to school:

  1. Pencil Case – it’s an obvious one. With all that learning going on (hopefully) students need a home for all the pens and pencils. The decision between a blue or a green one might determine the status of your parenting, so make sure to let them pick to avoid the humiliating look.
  2. Books – from note pads to grid paper, you never know what your student will be learning but it’s important to have somewhere to write it all down. Despite their dependency on technology, it’s always good to have a notepad or exercise book around just in case.
  3. Display Folders – to avoid the stress of looking for task sheets or finding them crumpled down the bottom of the school bag months later, invest in some display folders. For worksheets, task sheets or assignment work display folders are a great, accessible place for all that paper to go.
  4. Diary – Some schools kindly provide one to students, but in the case that your student’s school may not, I suggest investing in one of these too. Students can easily write down the due dates of their assessments, when an exam will be taking place and even what tasks need to be completed that week.
  5. Water Bottle – Hydration is key. Sneaking off to the bubbler during class can be a sneaky way to distract students or meet up with friends while they are supposed to be learning. In getting a water bottle, there’s no excuse to stop the momentum of learning while they are in class. But just like the pencil case – maybe let them choose the colour.
  6. Uniforms – Over the past year, I’m sure missing socks or ties are floating around the house or maybe someone’s gotten taller and a trip to the uniform shop is needed. Double-check the shoes too – it’s likely that they’re scuffed and in need of replacement.
  7. Lunchboxes – the highlight of many students’ school day is lunchtime. Having food and nutrition to refuel them for the next session ahead goes hand in hand with focusing and absorbing content. Getting the latest Disney or Marvel lunchbox might just be the key to making sure your student is energized for all the day’s learning.
  8. USB/Tech accessories – Nowadays most schools rely on computers and technology to write down and distribute information. Ensuring that students have the right chargers and that nothing is broken (again…hopefully) will make sure that students can continue the process. Picking up a new USB will also avoid the late-night terror of losing an assignment or the dreaded unsaved document.
  9. Go Card/Public Transport – As a popular way to get to and from school, some sort of card for public transport is a good thing to get organised. Make sure its registered, topped up and ready to go for the first day of school.
  10. Positive Attitude – Embracing the new school year with a positive attitude and a big smile will start the year on a high.