Twas’ the night before an exam

The night before an exam can be a stressful time. The anticipation of what the next day brings can often cloud judgements. It can increase stress amongst students. This stress can then lead to unusual behaviour that is guaranteed to be unhelpful for the exam the next day. Things like cramming, pulling all-nighters and skipping meals in pursuit of more study are common tropes of the night before an exam. To eradicate the unusual and unhelpful behaviour, follow our below tips!

A common myth of studying, especially before an exam is that all of the topics, all of the questions and all of the things in between need to be covered. But guess what! It certainly does not. Studying for an exam should not occur before the night prior. It should be a gradual and consistent process completed in the upcoming weeks and days. So, the night before should consist of light studying. Perhaps there is one question you’re not sure of? Maybe a specific chapter of content that is a little fuzzy? That’s the thing to focus on. Go over light notes and cover what you need to.

Relax. Whilst it might seem trivial or unproductive, relaxing is a great way to prepare the mind for the day ahead. Read a book, cook dinner or take a bath to ease the mind. If the thought of relaxing doesn’t bring comfort to student’s worrying minds, bring the notes into the bath. Relaxing will not only ease the stress of thinking about the exam, but it will reset the mind as well.

Ensuring a nutritious dinner is had is also high on the priority list. We often hear people saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, when an exam is around the corner, we’d argue that the meal the night before could be just as important. Get the greens in, get the 5 and 2 in, get it all in. Perhaps a cheeky square of chocolate couldn’t go astray in the motivation department either.

Sleep. 6 – 8 hours. Do it. And under any circumstances, there will be no all-nighters. Students, do you hear me. Anything outside of the specified hours of sleep will do no good. It won’t help you tomorrow when you’re sitting in the exam fighting to keep your eyes open. I can only hope at this point you’ve listened to our advice and actually slept. But, in the case you’ve done the opposite and even if you have, before you get the shut-eye, set an alarm. Not so late that you’ll be rushing to get ready and not too early that you’ve skipped the number of hours required. But like Goldilocks, just right.

So, there you have it. No cramming, only light study/review. Relax don’t stress. Have a nutritious and delicious dinner. Get sleep and no all-nighters. That’s all it takes to prepare for an exam!